In a World of Darkness

Our adventure takes place in a time when darkness has fallen upon the world. Monsters, demons, undead, and dragons have invaded all the world.

All that remains of civilization are small communities, scattered towns, and a handful of medium sized cities. These are small points of light in a world of darkness.

Once, long before anyone can remember, huge noble empires ruled the world. Each race enjoyed prosperity, commerce, freedom, and enlightenment in the Empires that sprawled across the world.

Slowly, over many thousands of years, the great empires slowly crumbled from within as the gods, both good and evil, battled for supremacy of the universe. The results of their war was the slow decay of the world and the opening of many portals between worlds, through which great evil and great powers could pass.

Only a few hundred years ago, the last remnants of the empires finally fell to the hordes of creatures that invaded the natural world from below, from adjacent planes, and from above.

You live in the Nentir Vale. A valley that is dotted with small towns, farming communities, minor industry and resource extraction. The Humans who comprise the majority of the population in the valley are the descendants of the Nerath, the last great human empire. Others races that you meet are the descendants of the other great empires. Most have come to the Nentir Vale for its relative prosperity and to flee regions that are infested with monsters.

Technology is limited to metal and wood working; cloth, leather, wood, stone, metal, and other natural materials are all that are available for building structures and devices.

The world outside the towns is littered with fortifications and ruins. Some dating back to the Nerath, and some dating back to even more ancient times to empires long forgotten.

Magic is everywhere. Some magic is very old and guards ancient secrets. There is magic in the ruins, in the forests where the Elves dwell, in the mountains, and even in the waters. Those who learn to use magic can tap into its power and control nature itself.

In some of the most removed spots, it is said that there are doorways to other planes… to the Underdark where hideous creatures of the darkness live and where the Drow are ruled over by the Spider Queen; to the Shadowfell, where the undead are ruled by Orcus, Prince of Darkness; to the Feywild where nature is bigger than life, green is greener, and the Eladrin attempt to bring order to the wilderness; to the Astral Sea, the plane above where the gods dwell—each star in the night sky is said to be a city or an island in the Astral Sea; and to the Elemental Chaos, where the building blocks of the universe float in a sea of unfathomable chaos. If you seek the other planes, listen for tales of places that are haunted or places where evil dwells or places where people vanish.

Most people follow one god or another, according to local custom, family tradition, or even divine intervention. Some follow many similarly aligned gods, or gods with common purpose. The most zealous followers often become Paladins, Clerics, and Priests.

Dragon Slayers Incorporated

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