Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Markley or a Mimic?

Your ogres have lost interest in continuing the fight after sustaining such heavy losses during the battle. Shagga suggests he go and meet the orcs coming from Harkenwood and prepare to attack the city from the East when you give the word.

The snow storm is getting worse so you decide to try to find a place to camp.

You spot a lone figure approaching on the road. It turns out to be a half-elf boy carrying a white flag asking for a truce and parley with Infernus. He says his name is Markley and he is a servant to Infernus. Originally his parents were farmers in the valley.

He produces a scroll which he open and starts to read. Grae grabs the scroll and burns it. As it goes up in flames, Grae sees the seal of the Red Hand at the bottom. The scroll begins: “I, Infernus, authorize this servant, Markley, to offer safe passage for the purposes of parley…”

Markley suggests that instead of camping here in the open where there are monsters, you should come to his family farmhouse, about an hours walk closer to Fallcrest.

You arrive at the house and investigate it. It is mostly empty, having had anything of value taken. A few items remain which you investigage. Some of you get the sense that something is wrong, but you cannot pinpoint it. Tanharath senses a presence in the house, but it seems diffuse.

There is a bricked up doorway leading down to what Markley describes as the family crypt.

You bed down for the night and Grae takes the first watch.

Suddenly Grae feels compelled to attack Mercaiden and he strikes her in her sleep. The party awakens finding themselves in a fight with Grae. Then the furniture and other items in the house come to life, transforming into oozes. You quickly determine that Markley is behind the attack and Grae’s strange behaviour. He is able to absorb the oozes which seems to give him more power.

You defeat the oozes, and when you strike down Markley he transforms into an ooze.

All the items in the house had transformed into an ooze except for one wooden statue.

The Owlbear Pack

As a last ditch effort, the army of Infernus sends a pack of Winterclaw Owlbears against you. They are being ridden by Northmen who seem to have some sort of connection to the beasts, driving them on in a coordinated effort to stop you. Even after you kill the riders, the beasts fight to the death.

Snow begins to fall again as you finish off the owlbears. Your army wins the day as well, but with heavy casualties. You have 15 orcs and 5 ogres left.

You are still three hours walk from Fallcrest and it is getting dark.

Infurnus’ army attacks

You decide to try to inflitrate Fallcrest by posing as merchants. On the road you encounter Infernus’ soldiers coming out to meet you. You engage wtith five dragonborn of the Red Hand and two fire belchers while your orcs and ogres charge out to meet the rest of their army. You defeat the Red Hand, but reinforcments are on the way.

Infernus sends out scouts

As you again make your way to Fallcrest, you are intercepted by a band of scouts, a dragonborn raider and two human gladiators, each wearing the marks of the Red Hand, on the road who try to force you to turn around. You fight and defeat them.

Meeting Infernus for the first time
And ... are the Ogres friends or foes?

Beandr and Mercaiden do a reconnaissance at Fallcrest to determine the state of affairs. Grae is ill and remains at Kobold Hall. The town seems prosperous, though changed. The two do not recognize many faces. Tiefling businesses are still prospering. All the humans are either Northmen or slaves and servants. Markelhay’s keep is well guarded. There is a small volcano engulfing part of the town. It is heavily guarded. The watch as a large red dragon emerges and flies off to the North.

They visit Naerumar whose business is greatly expanded. He has built an additional warehouse adjacent to his store. He offers rooms to the party if they wish to stay.

They inspect the Wizard’s tower. The bridge is broken down, but otherwise the tower seems unchanged.

A temple to Tiamat is under construction. All other temple and shrines have been destroyed.

Meanwhile in the North, Baaki and Tanharath lead the Orc army south but are stopped by a large red dragon that scatters the troops and threatens the party with death should they continue their approach to Fallcrest.

The dragon flies off and returns to Fallcrest. Mercaiden and Beandr mark its return as they return to Kobold Hall.

Late the next day, the two parties are reunited. You recommend that the Orcs do not camp close to Kobold Hall, both to avoid conflict with the kobolds and to avoid drawing attention to the hiding place.

The next morning as the party is planning to return to Fallcrest and infiltrate the Wizard’s Tower the orcs come under attack by a band of ogres. You rush to their aid and wipe out the ogre leaders. the surviving ogres are so impressed by your prowess that they pledge their service to you.

Wolf Pack and Roc

Baaki, Tanharath, and Fra’nika travel North with Snagga, Lagduff, and the Orc villagers and warriors. They walk into a winter storm which slows them down. Soon they find themselves hunted by a pack of rogue wolves lead by a werewolf. The wlves tear into the Orc ranks, but are driven off after Baaki, Tanharath, and Fra’nika kill the werewolf and the pack leaders.

Meanwhile, Grae, Beandr, and Mercaiden fly the airship West towards Kobold Hall. Beandr scouts ahead on his giffon and is attacked by a Roc. The party is forced to the ground where they are ambushed by some Hill Giants and earth elementals who seem to want to fight them over the rights to the Roc when it is killed. All are defeated, and the giants are looted a box of treasure containing vials of Potions of Vitality and vials of Silver Sand.

Two of the messenger orcs are killed in the fight.

Ambush and oblivion at a fey crossing

You fly the airship towards the village of the Empty Eye Orcs of the western side of the Nentir vale. You stop for the night in a forested area by a creek. During the night you are attacked by a vine from the feywild and an oblivion moss. The moss steals memories and powers from you and creates duplicates of Baaki, Mercaiden, and Beandr.

After you defeat them, Grae eats some of the oblivion moss and learns sees through the memories of a dragonborn who was slain by the moss a volcano rising over Fallcrest and a huge elder red dragon ordering the Red Hand of Tiamat.

The next day you reach the village of the Empty Eye Orcs. Lagduff introduces you to Snagga, the current leader of the village. He challenges Baaki for the Spear of Urruk. Baaki defeats him in single combat.

The village agrees to join your army and take over Winterhaven. Baaki, Tanharath, and Fra’nika go with Snagga and Lagduff.

Messengers are sent to the orcs in the Dawnforge mountains to rally near Fallcrest in two weeks.

Grae, Beandr, and Mercaiden decide to take the airship to Kobold Hall where they will hide it and then they will travel to Fallcrest for reconnaisance.

I’m Urrok!

You hide your airship and set out on horseback to find the mine.

You find the road leading to the mine and follow it along. You encounter two different wagon trains hauling marble blocks from the mine.

As you near the mine, Beandr flies up to see what is ahead. He spots four guard towers, including two at the front gate.

You decide to find a better vantage point to try to view the layout of the mining area at the top of the box canyon. You find a knoll guarded by a male and female human pair. They challenge Mercaiden with a spear and club and are soon dispatched by Mercaiden and Grae.

From the knoll you determine that the towers are manned with archers, all of whom are watching inside the mine, guarding the workers, not guarding from outside.

You confer and plan your attack for afer nightfall.

Once everyone is asleep, Baaki rapels down into the mine by the tents where the orcs are sleeping. Beandr ambushes the south tower while Grae takes out the north tower. Baaki uses the Spear of Urrok the Brave to rouse the orcs and rally them to attack the masters.

A battle ensues. Soon the remaining two towers are neutralized, the horses are freed, and the camp is looted. Mercaiden is hit but not wounded. Fra’nika takes a ballista bolt through the torso but is healed by the party.

Blue Dragon River Guard

A Blue Dragon and three dragonborn raiders approach you in the air. The raiders are mounted on griffons.

You are fourced to land the airship.

Two of the three griffons fly off, but Beandr tames the third and acquires it as his mount.

Once the dragon is brought to the ground, Fra’nika and Mercaiden launch the airship and drop it on the dragon, pinning it, then Grae coup de gras the dragon.

You set up camp, skin the dragon, water the horses, and plan tp search for the mine the next day.

Flight to the Cairngorm Peaks

You dine with lady Bleth and during the meal, lady Bleth offers you her father’s old air ship, a contraption that he built with Nimozaran back before she was born. She heatd that it had flown, but she never saw it airborne herself.

The next morning she takes you to a barn outside the village that contains a workshop, alchemical lab, and an air ship.

You study Bleth’s notes and learn how to fill the bladder that keeps the ship aloft. You also find the power source to fly the ship and the arcane controls that raise, lower, and move the ship back and forth.

After a test flight, you load your horses, provisions from lady Bleth, and yourselves, and begin your flight. You cross the Winter River on the first day. You see barges carrying cut stone down river towards Fallcrest. When you pass over farmland, you see workers with overseers bringing in the harvest.

The bladder springs a leak near the end of the first day. Beandr finds some tree sap to seal the leak.

On the second day you reach the Cairngorm Peaks a range of low mountains. Just as you are looking for a place to land for the night, you see four objects travelling through the air towards you!


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