Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Anti-cultist Interception Party

After defeating the Cultists of the Queen of Waters, the party continues to follow Grae who follows the urgings of Delban.

Grae has donned the robes of the cultist Heirophant.

After a while you notice large birds of prey circling overhead.

Hallabiri lays down in the snow to make a “snow angel” but finds herself in slush instead. A water elemental rises out of the slush and attacks. Simultaneously, the birds dive and a woman, dressed in snow camouflage leaps up and attacks Grae, thinking he is the Heirophant.

The attackers will not listen to reason and are bent on your destruction.

It is a short but brutal fight, leaving the water elemental and the human woman dead and the wounded birds flying off.

Grae finds papers on the woman’s person, and Mercaiden takes her Exalted Chainmail armour. The papers contain orders, written in Elven to intercept and destroy cultists that were expected to be attempting a sacrifice to release the Queen of Waters.



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