Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Bezenthal: And the Dead Shall Rise

After a short rest in the chamber where you encountered and killed the harpy, you begin again to explore the corridors, seeking for the liar of the rumored dragon.

You encounter a small chamber filled with fog. The fog turns out to be from warm outside air that is entering the cave and being chilled by a pond of icy cold water that blocks your path. Dr. Carrion uses Mage Hand to place pitons in the wall along the edge of the pond. Unfortunatley, both Grae and Mercaiden fall into the cold water.

Pressing deeper, you discover a crypt with four stone coffins, one of them smashed.

The room is lit by a red glowing gem on an alter. The three intact coffins also glow faintly with the same red light. The body of an orc lies before the alter. There are two treasure chests in the room. The first chest is unlocked. It contains 170gp. The second chest is locked and trapped. Grae disables the trap and takes the poison gas canister. The second chest is empty.

Opening the second chest triggers several events. The gem glows brightly and the orc rises as a Zombie while three skeletons appear atop the intact coffins. The monsters attack while the gem fires some sort of ray. The more skeletons that are destroyed, the more that rise up to replace them.

Finally the gem is destroyed and a voice is heard crying as the light from the gem fades: “Bezenthal is coming!! I am freeeeeee….”

Despite the hour being early, you decide to rest and recover from the battle. There are two entrances to the chamber. A locked door and the open archway that you used to enter the room.



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