Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Black Petal and the Bloodtower of the Grey Downs

The next morning, leaving Fra’nika in the care of Lady Bleth at the inn, you set out for the Bloodtower. After riding for about an hour you see the tower north of the road, surrounded by fen and water that appears to be near the top of the first floor. The only door to the 96 foot tower is under water. The tower has a wide base and a narrow neck, topped by a large two storey chamber and a sloping roof.

You tie off the horses in the trees off the south side of the road, perform the water breathing ritual, then swim out to the tower to search for the entrance. You find it and swim into a large, dark chamber. You find stairs heading up and also a door leading to other chambers. Before ascending, you investigate the other chambers, finding old, rotted furniture and supplies. As you move further into this level, you discover a group of former kitchen staff and servants who have been changed into wailing ghouls. You dispatch the ghouls and then head up to the second level after finding no sign of the Dragons’ Bane.

The second floor is a library. The library has been ransacked and many choice tomes are missing. You take four tomes that you believe have resale value and also a scroll of Consult Mystic Sages. You use the scroll to determine that the Dragons’ Bane is a small crystal stone that has been worn historically in either a ring or a necklace. The stone has the power to turn away dragons.

You proceed to the third floor which you discover to be a necromancer’s laboratory, full of tools and tables for dissection and unnatural acts upon the body. This floor is also guarded by a Stench Ghoul, a Skull Lord, and eight Putrescent Zombies. You battle the undead creatures and destroy them.

The fourth floor contains a Sanctum devoted to Vecna as well as a priest’s office and a room used to store some unknown items that have recently been removed. The only evidence is marks on the floor where storage boxes once stood. Grae pillages a golden plate from the alter to Vecna.

The fifth floor of the tower contains only empty sleeping quarters for the former living inhabitants of the tower. It has all moldered and wasted away.

The sixth floor appears to be the private chambers of Black Petal. You give a cursory look over these chambers but do not find anything of value.

At first the seventh floor appears to be nothing but a storage area, then you find a secret door that leads to a chamber that contains three teleportation portals. Words are written on them in ancient runes. You decipher that one says Fallcrest, one says Nera, the lost ancient capital of the Nerath empire, and one has a proper name, but you do not recognize it.

On the eighth and final floor you discover Black Petal herself, along with three undead guardians. You quickly defeat the Boneclaw, but the Marrowshriek Skeletons prevent an easy victory. Black Petal unleashes her fire and necromantic powers against you, seeming to be about to defeat you. She is almost impossible to approach due to a zone of Spectral Tendrils that surround her and a teleportation portal.

Finally you wear her down and she attempts to flee through the portal but uttering the word “Vecna”. You pursue her through the portal and down the stairs, at last slaying her on the steps.

You search her but find no evidence of the Dragons’ Bane. You return to the eighth floor and investigate a sarcophagus which contains a body matching the description of Scarthrog Bleth, Lord of Tingerwick Keep. You determine that the Dragons’ Bane is inside his corpse, so you remove it, then perform Gentle Repose upon him.

Mercaiden takes and examines Black Petal’s Symbol of Power, determining that it has some sort of curse on it.



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