Dragon Slayers Incorporated


With stealth you enter the chamber of Brunfax—although he knows that you are coming because of the connection that you make with him through the wooden medallion.

The chamber is lit by torchlight. It is the largest chamber that you have encountered so far. The doors open onto a wide bridge over a dark pool of cold water. Many walls and columns block your view of the entire chamber. As you make your way into the chamber you are shot at by a small goblin. He distracts you from noticing the Orc Berserker that is hiding under the bridge who attacks you from behind. After dispatching these two you work your way further into the chamber, ignoring any other danger that might lurk under the bridge.

The dragon explodes out of the sand at you and attacks while simultaneously, four kobold dragonshields emerge from under the bridge trying to flank you. He seems particularly interested in tasting and eating Mercaiden and Grae as he has never tasted an elf or a tiefling before. A long battle ensues but finally you prevail against the dragon and his servants.



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