Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Claws of Death

You continue to follow the tunnels, hoping that you are heading in the direction of Forgehome.

As you pass a chamber you hear noises and what might be chanting. As you enter the chamber you are attacked by crawling and swarming hands—obviously the work of a necromancer. You fight your way into the room and discover a Dark Creeper who seems to be a necromancer in training. You discover the successful and not so successful attempts to reanimate the hands that have been cut from many creatures. The Dark Creeper is guarded by two very large colonies of myconid swarms.

The defeated Dark Creeper kept his animated hands in a Handy Haversack, which you add to the gold and potion of healing that you take from him.

You also find a detailed dwarven map on his person that he must have been using to navigate the mines and set up his ambushes on the dwarven miners.



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