Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Cultists of the Queen of Waters

The party decides to allow Grae to finish his ritual.

Grae completes drawing a teleportation circle that transports you to an ice cave in a frozen waste. All around is ice and snow. There are no plants or animals or other signs of life. In the sky, instead of clouds, there are great mountains of ice. You surmise that you have been teleported to the Elemental Chaos.

No one, including Grae is sure of what to do next, so Grae seeks Delban’s guidance. Delban indicates the direction that the party should travel.

After a while you notice another party travelling on a parallel course, heading in the same direction.

There are 12 individuals. Three elf-like warriors leading a party of human who pull a sled that contains a fire in a cage.

The other party notices you and moves towards you. They ask if you are coming to worship the Queen of Waters. Hallabiri mentions Solkara, but the other party do not recognize this name. Once they realize that you are not followers of the Queen of Waters, they attack you.

During the battle, the fire in the cage breaks free and joins the battle. It is a fire elemental.

You defeat the other party, which after you question them, you discover comprised a Hierophant, two Initiates, and and nine cultists. They were bringing the fire elemental to sacrifice to the Queen of Waters. Grae convinces the Initiate that he and your party are part of an elite cult of the Queen of Waters. She wishes to join you, but once Grae extracts all the information from her, he knifes her in the throat.

Grae then dons the robes worn by the Hierophant to mascaraed as a cultist of the Queen of Waters.

The party continues to follow Delban’s directions.



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