Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Disaster at Nenlast Downs

Tanarath knows of a tracker, Arabast, who lives in the woods nearby who could help you find Tobolor and the Abbot, Black Eagle. A half-day’s walk into the woods brings you to his hunting camp. Arabast welcomes you to his camp and agrees to help you seek Tobolor and the Abbot.

During the night, Hallabiri has an encounter with what appears to be lizard folk, far from where they normally travel, seemingly watching them. The next day, Arabast mentions that the lizard folk have been acting strangely of late and there are rumours coming out of Nenlast that a dragon has been spotted flying over Lake Nen.

You return to Deep Pines. The party spends some time helping out at Deep Pines while Tanarath and Arabast begin tracking. Mercaiden learns some new spells from the town arcanist, Manillel.

Arabast finds traces of Tobolor’s little halfling feet and evidence of a chase and capture by dragonborn soldiers. The Abbot is found safe. He had fled the monastery with precious relics and other items to keep them from falling into the hands of the dragonborn. He claims not to have seen Tobolor at all, which does not seem to agree with the message sent to Nimozaran by Tobolor.

Black Eagle will send monks to track Tobolor. He charges Tanarath with ensuring that the book reaches Nimozaran safely.

The party heads south, making for Nenlast, and hopes to reach the King’s Road within a few days and from there decide whether to investigate Hammerfast, or travel with all speed to Fallcrest.

Nearing the town you notice a group of lizard folk tracking along through the downs, just west of the road. When they notice you, they turn quickly and charge. All of these lizard folk seem to be strangely altered. They have distinctly draconic features overprinting their own faces, and a red colour seems to be spreading down from their faces and onto their shoulders.

This group of lizard folk, three soldiers, a huge mounted brute, and one they refer to as the Chieftain, are far more powerful than any lizard folk that you have heard of before. All of them appear to have some dragon powers, including fire breath and frightful presence.

Though you fight valiantly, luck appears to favour the lizard folk as their attacks are more accurate and their damage more devastating. Though they suffer heavy loss themselves, the lizard folk ultimately triumph, and the Chieftain takes the haversack containing the book from the dead body of Hallabiri.

All of the surviving party are severely injured, and Breena, Hallabiri, and the Rage Drake are dead.

A local farming bringing goods to town finds the party and offers to transport you to Nenlast. He says that Uinan, the Priestess of Melora, will be able to help with healing and raising the dead, and also tells them that they must report this incident to Joachin, the Prince of Nenlast.



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