Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Disaster in El Shalal

As you emerge from the caverns you see a pillar of smoke rising from where you think El Shalal resides. When you investigate you discover that El Shalal has been sacked, the women and children appear to be missing and many of the young men are dead.

You track what appears to be an army to some distant mountains and find the caves there to be guarded by humans. You make contact with them and determine that they are the ones who sacked El Shalal, taking prisoners for slaves and taking all of Agabar’s treasure—your payment!! It seems that there is a dispute between two tribes over the ownership of wells in the area.

You demand to see Agabar. They bring him out. He has been tortured and is missing a hand.

You try to bluff your way in to the caverns hoping to retrieve your treasure. They do not believe that anyone who has water would be willing to trade it. As negotiations fail, a fight breaks out.

You slay the guards and two wizards who seem to be directing them, then force your way into the caves where you are attacked by trained coyotes and two fire sword-weilding guards. These are not easily defeated and you take significant damage.



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