Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Duergar Slavers

Out over the lake you see something flying fast. As it nears you it turns and heads towards you, flying high. As it comes into range it begins circling above you, then slowly descends.

“Greetings,” it says as it flutters to the ground in front of Mercadian. “Nimozaran has sent me. I am Zincofax.”

“Nimozaran is wondering why you have not returned. He has another mission for you. He expected you back many days ago.”

After you relate the story, Zincofax suggests that you perform the sending ritual to inform him of the party status. A message comes back informing you that there is a portal in Forgehome,a Dwarven city. Unfortunately you will have to get past the great fortress of Hraak Azul, then travel to Forgehome and find the temple of Moradin. The priest maintains a portal there that will take you to Hammerfast in the Dawnforge mountains near Fallcrest.

You send Zincofax ahead to scout out a path. He finds a number of caves and tunnels. You choose one that appears to be an old mining tunnel. As you explore, suddenly an arrow flies out at you. Before long you are surrounded by Duergar slavers that are bent on enslaving you. Fortunately, you are able to defeat them and take their archer prisoner.



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