Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Exploring Kalte

You decide to go to the Icicle Works Inn. On your way, Fra’nika invites you in for tea. While she is making tea, some guards show up and ask you to register your presence in the town properly.

They warn you that you must be off the streets by curfew, which is only half an hour away. You leave Fra’nika’s and head back to town, deciding to stay at the Deep Cold Inn. Grae is told he can report to the Town Hall in the morning if he wants his questions about the occupation answered.

Mercaiden and Grae observe the warehouse area looking for suspicious activity. They decide in the morning to try to get in to see what might be going on there. Hallabiri decides to visit Fra’nika.

Grae manages to sneak in to the warehouse area, but Mercaiden, Baaki, and Tanharath get the attention of the guards and are sent away from the area and back into the market square.

Grae sees all the workers labouring intensely but without conversation or personality.

Hallabiri encounters a group of guards who seem to be waiting for Grae. They ask where she is going and she says to Fra’nika’s. They allow her to pass. When she gets to Fra’nika’s, she finds that the place has been ransacked and that Fra’nika is gone. There is an ambush waiting. She manages to escape using Solkara’s Wave and Dragon Fear.

The party determine that there is an aura emanating from the Town Hall that might be the cause of the strange behaviour of the Ice Genasi.

Eventually the party regroups at the Inn and meet up with Fra’nika. She seems completely changed and lacking in spirit or motivation. She insists that she must get to work.

Grae takes her to his room where he knocks her out and binds her.

Meanwhile, Hallabiri heads for the Icicle Works Inn and the rest of the party track her, trying to find a path to the upper town that avoids the road.



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