Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Fist of Zuokon: Far Realm Intrusion

The Deva is Tavar, a follower of Ioun and Bahamut. He is a member of the Fist of Zuokon who acts as a guardian knight at a fortress in the Elemental Chaos where the Zuokonians have moved an Earth Mote containing an ancient fortress.

The monks had detected a Far Realm intrusion into this part of the Elemental Chaos and had the mote moved here so that they could have a base from which to try to close the portal.

Groups of psions work around the clock in shifts, focusing their energies upon a shard that acts as a focus. They have so far been successful at keeping the incusion out.

Tavar welcomes you to rest and hopes that Tanharath is here to lend his aid. He is somewhat disappointed to learn that your party only happened upon the fortress and that you are seeking to return to the natural world. When he learns that you are fighting against the forces of the Red Hand of Tiamat, he agrees that your services are needed more in that fight than in the fight here at the fortress.

When you ask Tavar about getting to the City of Brass, he offers you a sextant that will allow you to navigate there. However, he recommends. From there you would be able to find a portal that would take you close to where you want to be in the natural world. A portal from the City of Brass might get you onto the right continent, or perhaps the right region, but probably would not get you into the Nentir Vale.

When you indicate that you want to sell your ship and goods, and buy and sell magic items, he agrees that in the City of Brass you will get your best prices. If you leave the earth mote by their teleportation portal, you will not be able to sell your ship and goods, and even though the markets in the City of Doors are renowned for their scale, you will not be able to fetch good prices for your magic items, and might mot be able to get bargains on things that you want to buy.

Tavar suggests an alternative course of action; go to the City of Brass to conduct your business, then take a portal from there to the City of Doors instead of to the natural world. This will cost you time, but would be the most profitable route.

You rest the night on your ship. Tanharath takes quarters in order to meditate.

The next morning you go down to the lower levels of the fortress where the monks are trying to close the incusion and you see that they are struggling. Grae’s presence seems to draw createures from the incusion and the monks come under attack. You rush to their aid.

You end up fighting and defeating a large Green Slaad, two Grey Slaads, and two swarms of Chaos Phage, a whirl of embrionic Slaads that bite and burrow into the flesh.

Mercaiden, Baaki, Grae, and Fra’Nika all contract Chaos Phage from the swarms, and Mercaiden must use the Cure Disease ritual to rid you all of the disease which could lead rapidly to death within a few days.

Three monks are killed, and one is drawn alive into the portal to the Far Realm.

After the fight, no more abominations appear in the portals.

You decide in the morning to set out for the City of Brass.



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