Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Five League House

The party decides to go to Hammerfast to deal with the fungus dragon. It is at least a three day journey. Along the way the party stops at the Five League House to get supplies.

While you are there you notice an unusual cast of characters in the tavern, including a dwarf, a human, some elves, a group of halflings, and a mixed race group playing Three-Dragon Ante, including a Satyr, a Tiefling, a Kobold, an Eladrin, and a Human.

You speak briefly with the halflings who are hoping that you will accompany them to Fallcrest where they are going to arrange taxes and tribute for the dragon Infernus.

The owner of Fiveleague House, Barton, sells you your goods and warns you off Hammerfast, informing you that it is under quarantine.

After a brief visit, the party heads to Hammerfast. There are signs and blockade along the way warning of a plague in the city. You arrive at nightfall to find the gates barred.

The next morning you approach the gate and see a sign that reads: Enter not Hammerfast lest you suffer the plague of undying rot.

You find a secret door, and Baaki uses her skeleton key to gain entry.



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