Dragon Slayers Incorporated


You follow the map to Forgehome, but find that you are not welcome to enter the city until you found a place to board the drake. You go to an Inn outside the city walls called The Silver Lode where you get rooms and a stable for the drake.

You meet with Gerdis, the cleric of Moradin, who tells you that you can only use her teleportation portal if you first have a letter of authorization from the Mayor of Forgehome or from the local wizard.

You visit Mayor Garrdai’in who offers to give you the letter if you put your dragon slaying skills to work for the city and kill a Fungus Dragon that has been causing them problems and has stolen the Hammer of Forgehome. He also offers you a reward and tells you that the dragon has started to amass a horde since it arrived in the Hunting Grounds.

You elect to visit the local wizard, Bardrin, instead to obtain your letter of support. You contact Nimozaran who sends you the following message:

“Did not know about the Fungus Dragon. Can dwarves kill it? Get back soon. Dragon has attacked Fallcrest. Need you. Market bullish.”

Gerdis gets your drake into the city and you use her teleportation portal to get to Hammerfast, a dwarven city in the Dwarforge Mountains, about 150 miles from Fallcrest.



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