Dragon Slayers Incorporated


Working your way further into the bandits’ caves you meet a dragonborn named Hallabiri. She is a water elementalist who is seeking after rumours of a magical water in the region. Unsure if you can trust her or not, you do not reveal the location of the aquifer that you found in Brunfax’s lair.

Pressing deeper into the bandits’ caves, following the sound of arguing, you come upon the bandits in the middle of a quarrel with a burning face that rises from a small idol. The bandits appear to be arguing that they want out of some sort of bargain, and the burning face with long sharp teeth, who calls itself Gnaw-Gnaw-Burn-Burn, will not let them out of the deal that they have made with Bezenthal.

Meanwhile, you attack the bandits, attempting to slay their armor-plated fighter.

Gnaw-Gnaw-Burn-Burn conjurers a dragon and tells the bandits that they will die for their insubordination. The dragon attacks the bandits, and Grae attacks the dragon, starting a three way fight as the dragon takes on both your party and the bandits.

Gradually the bandits flee the caves, shutting you in and leaving you to fight the dragon on your own. Just when you think you are about the defeat the dragon, Gnaw-Gnaw-Burn-Burn returns and banishes the dragon. He claims to be the servant of Bezenthal and warns you that Bezenthal is no longer in your debt now that you have allowed the bandits to escape punishment and have nearly slayed his dragon.

At least your treasure is safe, and you find more among the supplies of the villagers of El Shalal—many of whom are conscious in holding pens in the back of the caves.



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