Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Guards of the Choking Palace

Ihab Rahim’s teleportation ritual takes you to the realm of Fume. You arrive at the Choking Palace.

You find yourself in a dark room. The room is empty save for a large carpet on the floor. It looks like this was once a dining area based on the marks in the carpet. By the austere nature of the room, you deduce that this might have been an eating area for servants.

As you explore, you discover that beyond is a large hallway with other rooms connecting to it.

A grand staircase rises from large brass doors that look like the main doors to the building.

At either end of the entry hallway are large windows. The vaulted ceiling of the main hall is held up by 12 pyroxene columns.

There is an odour of old books and parchments.

As you explore, you encounter a pair of Firelashers who attack you and try to drive you out or kill you. Meanwhile, Grae discovers an odd room full of orbs. When he interacts with the orbs, he sees books within. Grae later realizes that the orbs are a catalog of the holdings of the library, grouped by area of inquiry. The orb room is guarded by a cloud of elemental steam that tries to drive away anyone who enters.

When you reach the far side of the library, a Tempest Wisp, a living swirl of elemental wind attacks, raising some of you high into the air and then dropping you down hard on the ground. The Wisp seems bent on preventing you from entering the study.

Fighting back against the Wisp draws out a large floating head with large, sharp teeth and one large central eye. The mosnter also has other, smaller eyes on stocks. The large eye seems to make you vulnerable to fire, and several of the stocks attack you with fire. Once Baaki pins down the monster, it is no longer able to make its ranged attacks and, instead, resorts to trhing to bite Baaki.

Once the monsters are all defeated, Grae goes back to the orb room and searches until he learns the location of the Mythos of Vecna book. Meanwhile, the other party members search the book shelves and desks for the book, but cannot locate it. Grae finally locates the book in a storage room where crates of fine wine, cognac, and icewine are stored.

All the party resist the urge to open the book. Mercaiden performs the teleportation ritual, and you are returned to Ihad Rahim’s palace in the City of Brass.

Rahim is so pleased with your work that he invites you to stay for dinner and rest before going on your way to the city of doors.

During your meal you ask him many questions. He provides you with the folllowing information about the City of Doors.



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