Dragon Slayers Incorporated


Dr. Carrion discovers that he can sense the presence of a dragon when he holds the medallion worn by Palehorn. Unfortunately, he also realized that the dragon is aware of him. Reading the inscription on the medallion, Amon find a name, Brunfax, and two words: air & sand.

After leaving Palehorn’s chamber you follow the wooden medallion through the caverns until you come upon a guarded chamber. The sounds from within sound like fighting. You take out the guards and enter the room to discover that some goblins, along with two skeletons and two orcs are having some sport with a dragonborn and a human.

The human, clad in the garb of a guard or soldier of El Shalal, is dead on the floor. The dragonborn is tethered to a pole and is fighting for his life against very high odds.

You quickly even the odds and take down the goblins and their allies.

The dragonborn, Imgodid, is not too forthcoming about why he is in the caverns, but he is very grateful for your aid and pledges his swords to your cause.

Some investigation of the room leads to a secret door that opens to a chamber. Along the back wall of the chamber is a glowing fountain in the form of the face of a demon. Water pours from the demon’s mouth into a jewel filled pool.



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