Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Journey to Nenlast

You search the Northmen’s camp and find what appears to be their pay chest—funds for their campaign against the Eastern Nentir Vale. Among the coin you also find two small dragon statues encrusted in rubies—potentially ritual items.

You consider taking the camping equipment with you to Nenlast to provide shelter for refugees from the invasion, but leave it behind in favour of a rapid, unencumbered journey.

Thanks to Tanharath’s knowledge of local history, you journey on a little known hunting trail through the woods, using stealth and other adventuring skills to by-pass scouts, guarded bridges, and spying dragons. A local hunter aids you in finding a path to Nenlast.

Upon reaching Nenlast, you discover that the city is not fully under siege, but rather has access routes blockaded. After briefly getting mired in the mud near the lake, you manage to reach the gates of Nenlast undetected and gain entry to the town. A meeting is arranged for you to meet with Baron Erik Joachin in the morning to discuss what intelligence you can bring him regarding the invasion.

You get rooms for the night in the Laketown Inn.



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