Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Market in the City Of Doors

You arrive in the City of Doors through an ornate arch in a courtyard.

You notice a cloaked figure watching you from the shadows as you begin to head towards the market district, known as the Grand Bazaar.

As you pass the Temple of Melora, Mercaiden decides to go in and look for someone to provide guidance. She talks to some people who are lined up to cross over to the Astral Sea to Melora’s realm.

On your way out you notice a hooded woman crying. Mercaiden approaches her and discovers Uinan, the Priestess of Melora you last encountered near Nenlast. Uinan is not only a priest of Melora from Winterbole Forest, but also one of Mercaiden’s aunts.

Uinan has just been to visit with Melora to petition for help against the agents of Tiamat who have overrun the Nentir Vale. The gods have no interest in interfering in the affairs of the people of the natural world. They will support their champions, clerics, and priests, but will not directly affect the outcome of events.

Uinan reports on what has happened in the Nentir Vale since the party last saw her almost a month before:

  • Winterbole is now completely overrun with northmen, dragonborn, ogres, and trolls
  • The temples to Melora, Sahanine, and Corellon have been torn down or desecrated. Worshippers of Tiamat now use the temples.
  • All elves of Winterbole who were not able to escape to Harken Forest have been enslaved along with the humans, gnomes, tieflings, dwarves and half orcs.
  • Farmers now work their own farms as slaves to invaders.
  • Winterbole is being cut down, and all the wood is being floated south along the Winter River and the Nentir River.
  • A volcano has arisen next to Fallcrest and a great red dragon rules the valley.

Uinan reports that the portal in the Temple of Melora in Winterbole is now in the control of the Red Hand.

Uinan knows of rooms that the party can get in The Grand Bazaar. She is reluctant to accompany them, but you convince her to do so.

As you head for the Grand Bazaar, you notice the cloaked figure again. Grae confronts him, and he calls a group of demons and ogres to surround you and take you down. He accuses you of working for Ihab Rahim.

You fight them and kill them all. Searching the body of the summoner, you find 7000gp and a pair of Winged Boots.

You quickly leave the body behind and head to your Inn, the Warleggin.

The innkeeper, a Kenku trades rooms for some of Grae’s Icewine.

As you sit down to your meal, Grae approaches an old dwarf in the dining hall. He tells the story of waiting for his son, a fellow prospector. The innkeeper informs you that Rudge has been waiting for his son, Budge, for about 45 years. He arrived at the Inn when her father ran it.

The party also notes an eccentric dragonborn, wearing a turban and fancy robes. The innkeeper informs you that he is a carpet salesman of some sort.

While you are eating your meal, a group called The Sons of Mercy, lead by Arwell Swanson, arrives and questions you about the altercation. You determine that he represents the local constabulary, but that they have no real authority. They are curious about the summoned demons and are suspicious that you are in some way involved in bringing them. They post a guard to watch you.

You ask the innkeeper about hiring a tout to help you locate a portal. She recommends one named Kylie Devilsworn, a young tiefling, about 16 years old, who will help you for 100gp/day, and 500gp to find a specific portal.

You inform her that you are looking for portals to the Nentir Vale, specifically to Fiveleague House, Hammerfast, Nenlast, or Harkenwald.



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