Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Mirmakur the Storm Titan

You see in the distance a 30 foot tall shambling figure. As you approach it, you see that it looks as though it has been washed ashore and then frozen. It is covered in ice, frozen seaweed, mud, and other detritus from the sea. Delban confirms that you are at your destination.

When you get close enough the figure begins to move and all the ice tumbles off. You identify it as Mirmakur, a Storm Titan and leader of the Cult of Solkara, the Queen of Waters.

Mirmakur is angry because you are late and have neglected to bring the fire elemental. He mistakes Grae for the Heirophant. He demands that you begin the ritual, implying that the party are to be sacrificed to the Queen of Waters.

Grae starts the ritual, and as it progresses, Mirmakur becomes increasingly agitated, and Hallabiri begins to realize that the ritual is going to destroy Mirmakur and free Solkara. She insists that this must not happen as it could mean the destruction of the world.

Mercaiden tries to move away from Mirmakur, but he blasts at her, shattering the ground beneath her feet and launching her into the air. She attains escape velocity and begins to drift away from the glacier that you have been walking upon.

Mirmakur is furious and demands that one of you fly up and retrieve her. When no one acts, he scoops up Hallabiri and throws him at Mercaiden, demanding that she bring her back. Mercaiden and Hallabiri try to grab each other, but miss. Hallabiri flies past then collides with a floating iceberg.

Mirmakur becomes increasingly irrational and demands that the party retrieve the two sacrifices. He insists that they tie together their rope and he will hurtle Grae after the two missing party members while Baaki holds on. Grae convinces Mirmakur to throw Baaki instead which he does, but without anyone holding the rope. Mercaiden snags the rope and the two of them end up on different bergs.

Mirmakur next throws Tanharath who lands on a berg and begins to contemplate the universe.

Grae turns invisible and runs, leaving the raging Mirmakur behind.

He runs back to the location of the fight with the Cultist hunters and notices as flying ship coming towards him. The ship lands. Three Elf-like individuals get out and examine the scene of the fight.

Grae makes himself visible, startling the crew of the ship.

A woman Genasi demands to know who he is. After a tense few moments where Grae tries to bluff, the two realize that they know each other. The woman is Fra’nika Icesong, the one who he fell in love with when he was a teenager and the reason that he became a Star Pact warlock. He convinces her of who he is by producing an ice flower for her just as he had done as a boy.



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