Dragon Slayers Incorporated

No rest for the weary

After freeing the demon, you try to seal the room to take an extended rest, despite the early hour. Unfortunately, your activities in previous areas of the caves has been discovered, and you hear the approach of something big, along with several grunting voices.

At the same time, someone is banging at the other door to the room and shouting in giant.

You open that door and surprise two orcs who seem to be expecting to talk to the orc that you had found dead in the room earlier. You attack the two orcs. At the same moment, a large dire boar comes crashing against the barrier that you have laid across the entrance doorway. It makes a spectacular leap and clears the barrier after some prodding from two more orcs behind it—one of whom also makes it into the room. The other orc is not such a good climber and is not able to clear the barrier.

The orcs and boar try to pin you down, but you continue to move them around the room as you hatch a plan to trap them in the room and bomb them with the poison gas canister that Grae freed from one of the chests in the room.

Another orc arrives. Unlike his axe wielding friends, this one carries only a club. Perhaps this is his first battle—sadly, it is also his last. You down him before he is even able to swing his club.

After taking a few good hits, you manage to knock down all the enemies in the room and escape. Dr. Carrion uses Mage Hand to trigger the canister while the rest close the door and seal the room.

The canister contains a sleeping gas that also poisons its victims. You estimate that the orcs and the boar will be out for at least 6 hours.

You really need a place to recover. Amon uses his dungeoneering skills to find a small side passage that lead to a small, defensible chamber where you are able to hide, heal your wounds, and get an extended rest.



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