Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Pool of Gems

You enter a room with a fountain that spills water into a pool. The water issues from a face, possibly of a demon. There are two treasure chests in the middle of the room—one of which is trapped. Imgodid takes some damage from a dart that springs from the chest.

After collecting treasure from the chests, Grae approaches the fountain, and seeing gems at the bottom, plunges in his hand., Unfortunately, he does not pay attention to the tile pattern in the floor of the pool. It depicts two sleeping dogs. Suddenly the dogs spring to life, they are Iron Defenders. They immediately begin to bite Grae. You defeat the dogs and continue to explore the room.

Behind some thick cobwebs in alcoves beside the fountain you discover more treasure that is, unfortunately, guarded by burning skeletons. You take some fire damage before subduing the skeletons and obtaining the rest of the treasure.



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