Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Return to Hammerfast

You make your way into Hammerfast. The place seems deserted. Much of the fungus has died off or been cut back. You begin your search for Gimlan and Finnick. Eventually you find signs of occupation. Foottracks lead you to recently occupied barracks and dining areas. You find evidence that dwarves are again occupying Hammerfast.

You track the dwarven movements to both the forges and the throne room. You decide to investigate the throne room first.

When you enter, an ambush awaits you. You face dwarven archers and the wrath of Finnick the Arcanist, sitting upon the throne of Ourun.

Gimlan is covered in fungus and attacks you not only with her great cutlass, but also a blast of fungal spores. She eats fungus from her arm to revitalize herself.

In the middle of the fight, Grae walks in, seemingly from no where, to join the fray.

You finally wipe out all the dwarves and toss their bodies into the pit that seems to have opened in the room since you were last here.

A search of the room reveals treasure and a magical shield. Coins in the treasure appear to have been minted in Forgehome, Hammerfast, and Fallcrest.

You search the dragon lair. It is empty, cleaned of treasure, and the dragon gone. You find a circle of runes that has been partially erased.

You trace a path that leads up to the mountain side—an escape route from the King’s Chambers. You travel back down into Hammerfast, then rejoin Fra’Nika and Lutun.

Fra’Nika is overjoyed to be reunited with Grae.

You leave the mountains and make your way to Five League House. You inquire about rooms and horses. Barton sells you rooms and says he’ll have horses for you in the morning.

In the dining hall, there is a dragonborn and 6 northmen sitting in the corner. A tiefling invites you to a game of three-dragon ante.



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