Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Roadblock in the Nentir Vale

You arrive in Hammerfast in the Dwarforge Mountains from Forgehome by portal. The Cleric of Moradin is somewhat startled by your arrival since you come well armed and in the company of two reptilians.

After picking up supplies and gathering the local news, you head out to Fallcrest, about two weeks journey.

The dwarves had informed you that there were rumours of a dragon in Fallcrest, and that there were wandering bands of creatures harassing travellers and collecting some sort of tribute or tax. Along the road you find very little traffic—especially leaving Fallcrest. The inns are all but empty and are anxious for customers. Most travellers that you meet are wary of you because they think that you are part of the wandering brigands.

After a few days journey you encounter a roadblock set up by some rather tough kobolds who have human archers hidden in the hills providing them with cover.



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