Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Temple of Transformation

As you pass along the road heading West, you come to a ruined temple in which you discover a lizardfolk priest of some kind who is the most transformed lizardfolk that you have yet met. He has the most pronounced draconic features.

WIth him are four red dragon wyrmlings who fight vigorously to defend the temple and the priest. You successfully kill the priest, but when two of the dragons are bloodied, they flee to the roof. When the other two are bloodied, they surrender.

You intimidate them into telling you that their mother is in Fallcrest and that the chieftain is already almost a week ahead of you on the North lake road.

In your investigations of the temple, you discover that the glowing red altar in the middle, covered in spent ritual components, is the site of the draconic transformations that you have witnessed. You desecrate the altar and destroy any remaining ritual components.

You also learn that Northmen are swarming South again with mother dragon, only this time they are pushing their attack Eastward as well as Southward, targeting Winterhaven, Fallcrest, the Winterbole forest, and Nenlast.



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