Dragon Slayers Incorporated

The Airship

You meet up with Fra’nika who has only fuzzy memories of what transpired over the previous few days.

Suddenly, an airship controlled by the Cultist of the Queen of Waters attacks the town with ballistas and catapults.

Fra’nika leads you to a small cargo boat that you use to approach the airship. Grae wears the robes of one of the cultist leaders, causing enough confusion among the cultists that you are able to approach from above and jump down onto the deck of the airship. You battle the cultist while their crew continue to bombard the town.

Both Mercaiden and Grae are thrown overboard but manage to get back on before plummeting to their deaths.

The cultists are defeated and the crew subdued.

During a rest, Hallabiri goes below and find two treasure chests, one containing gold, and the other a demon that grows out of the chest and tries to kill her. The rest of the party hear the commotion and come below to kill the demon. After its destruction, gold rains from its exploding body.



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