Dragon Slayers Incorporated

The City of Brass

You visit the markets of the City of Brass. In the Iskalat Port District you sell the Ship for 20,000gp. You then proceed to the Marlgate Warehouse District to sell the trade goods for 9,000gp.

In the Keffinspires district, some of you negotiate the buying and selling of magic Items.

Some of you might have gone to the Avencina district to buy or selling non-magic Items from Street vendors.

After securing a room at an inn, you set out to find a portal. At a tavern you contact an Efreet who know Ihab Rahim, an Efreet Cinderlord who lives in The Plume district.

The tavern owner informs you that you must first contact Lord Rahim by letter, introducing yourselves to him and expressing why you want to access his portal.You must also pay a bribe of 1000gp to have your letter carried to him.

You hear back from Ihab Rahim that he will meet with you in the morning. He will send a carriage for you. The tavern owner cautions you that you still must convince Ihab Rahim that you are worthy to use his portal to Sigil.

Fra’Nika provides you with the following information about Efreets:

  • Failure at negotiation might still get us what we want, but it will cost us more.
  • Angering the Efreet might result in being banished from the City of Brass
  • Efreets are vain and like to know that their reputation or the reputation of their family is well known in the universe. They like to hear stories about themselves or their ancestors
  • Efreets are intelligent and some are deceptive
  • Efreets expect proper deference to their position; anyone who is not humble enough might turn the Efreet against the party
  • Efreets are very difficult to intimidate—especially if they are of a higher level of power than the party; they might be impressed by your greatest exploit, but not more than once
  • Efreets like to be entertained by lesser beings. Shows of strength, skill, and magic might earn us favour

After a meeting with Lord Rahim during which he asks you many questions about your skills and abilities he says: "You impress me! I will aid you by waiving my usual 5000gp fee. I request only that you complete a small favour for me. While doing so, you may keep any treasure that you find.

“There is a book that I require for my library, but it is in the possession of one of my enemies, Ehkahk, the Smouldering Duke. I cannot possibly go to his palace and obtain it for myself without restarting the feud between his family and mine.

“Go to the Choking Palace, it is well guarded, but you have convinced me that you are capable adventurers. You should have no trouble getting past them. Once inside, make your way to his library and obtain for me “The Mythos of Vecna”. The book has a curse on it, so do not open it. Just bring it back to me and I will send you on your way before Ehkahk knows what has happened.

“He happens to be away at this time. He often travels in search of great tomes to add to his library.”

He hands you a ritual scroll and a bag of components. He says: “This ritual will allow you to create a teleportation portal that will bring you and the book back to me when you are done. It will not work if you do not have the book in your possession.”



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