Dragon Slayers Incorporated

The Nen Ferry Crossing

After a night in the Mistborn Tower, you decide to leave the petrified Tobolor behind but take Hallabiri’s rucksack and the Book of Lore Regarding the Dragon Queen.

As you leave the tower, Fra’Nika falls through the floor into a cavern beneath the tower. Grae, Beandr, and Mercaiden crawl down after her. She is badly injured, having a badly broken leg and sword arm.

Beandr and Mercaiden explore a passage leading out of the waterfilled cavern. It seems other-worldly, not quite matching the rock of the cavern. In the tunnel are statues of adventurers, appearing to be frozen in motion. Beandr determines that they are more victims of a Medusa.

You haul Fra’Nika out on ropes and leave the drowning town of Fastormel behind.

When you reach the hills overlooking the Nen ferry you see that the dock has been fortified by a tower and a sharpened pole pallisade. The pallisade appears to be guarded by archers in the tower and two firebelchers by the dock.

Beandr approaches and requests passage but is rudely refused by the northmen guards.

The party works its way through the woods and prepares an ambush when the ferry returns from the far side. Grae teleports into the twoer and lights it on fire. This draws the ferry back across the river. You engage the archers, a dragonborn raider of the Red Hand and the firebelchers.

Grae manages to board the boat and take out the archers, only to be attacked by a fen hydra hiding in the weeds along the shore.

You all board the ferry and cross, leaving the hydra blinded.

After retrieving your horses, you sail down the river to avoid the ferry docks on the other side.

You land down river and scuttle the boat by making a slow leak and casting it off into the river flow.

It rains heavily as you make your way across the Grey Downs. You come to an old, poorly used road which you assume to be the Grey Road which traverses the Grey Downs from the Nen Ferry to the Winter Ferry.

From here you could take the road straight across to the Winter Ferry or Clun, or travel south to Ainderby, Tingerwick Keep, and The Fork. At the crossroad where you could head south or continue west you come to an inn called The Grey Stone Inn. As it is getting late and the rain worsens, you decide to stay at the inn.

The stable boy, Williem Greyson, stables your horses for you. Inside you meet Ondrie, his father, who is the innkeeper. He says with only two other guests staying at the inn, there are many rooms available. After settling in your rooms, you go to the common area for a meal. Only one of the two guests is present—a lone woman.

You strike up a conversation with her and learn that she is Lady Bleth of Tingerwick, and that her father Scarthrog Bleth, sworn bannerman of Lord Markelhay of Fallcrest, is lost at the Bloodtower. He had gone there in search of the legendary Dragonsbane, a stone that is purported to drive off dragonkind from any settlement that holds it. You know of the ancient legends that the Dragonsbane was taken by Black Petal, a sorceress and hidden away in her tower. You do not know whether Bloodtower is her fabled tower or not.

She is seeking adventurers to retrieve it for her since her own guards were killed on the road by northmen. She is willing to pay 340pp for the return of her father and the Dragonsbane.

She warns you that the land north of the Grey Road is sinking and the the entrance to the tower is now below water. She provides the party with a scroll of Water Breathing.



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