Dragon Slayers Incorporated

The Town Hall Courtyard Guards Strike Back

After collecting yourselves, Hallabiri smashes the orb used by the water archons to control the ice genasi. This seems to free the ice genasi from its control and they begin wander about confused.

You question them and learn that there are no other tribes of ice genasi and that the genasi taking over the town are probably water genasi. Beyond that, the townsfolk are not clear about what happened.

Grae wants to try to capture the large ship that has been guarding the town and so opens the gates to the town hall compound and is immedaitely attacked by the guards that you had locked out previously.

You battle the guards, killing all but one, which you spare for questioning. You learn that Im’vassa, the lead water archon, was controlling the ice genasi and using them to remove ice from water genasi territory and then sell it at a profit. His plan was to first destroy all the ice, then to destroy the ice genasi.

As you are interrogating the guard, you notice the large battle ship pulling out of the harbour and taking to the air.

You are approached by the townsfolk in the compound and are asked to check out the other buildings to make sure that they are clear.

You search the buildings, and in the First Citizen’s residence you discover Im’vassa’s office.

The office contains charts showing the areas where the ice was being removed, and also records of sales to a consortium of Efreets in The City of Brass. Reading through the papers you learn that Im’vassa represents a group referred to as the Aquions.

The charts indicate that after the arrival of Im’vassa, ice mining switched from large bergs to the mining of the glacier in which Solkara is imprisoned.

You find shipping crates of gold being filled for shipment along with a few unusual items in Im’vassa’s personal quarters.

Reports reach you that the ice genasi of Kalte have killed any of the water genasi that did not make it onto the ship.

The town is in chaos, and the town hall workers suggest that you spend the night in the First Citizen’s residence until things calm down and they can arrange for a transport ship to set you on your way.



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