Dragon Slayers Incorporated

The White Dragon

After an extended rest you discover a secret door in an alcove. You open the door and work your way down a dark passage. Ahead it gets colder and you think you hear breathing.

You enter a large chamber and toss in your sun rods. Immediately you are attacked by the dragon that the kobolds had referred to as Szartharrax, a female white dragon.

You battle with her, and despite the early damage that she does to you, in the end you are able to keep her pinned down and manage to slay her. You cut off her head to take back to Fallcrest.

Beneath the ice you find some treasures.


  • 2 Healing Potions
  • 1 Large gem 100gp
  • 60gp
  • Level 5 Breach Braces (AV1 p. 116) — Breena
  • Level 4 Cloak of Distortion (AV1 p. 151) — Grae
  • Level 2 Symbol of Life (PHB p. 237) — Mercaiden

Encounter XP = 750 (150 ea.)



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