Dragon Slayers Incorporated

The Young Red Dragon

Grae and Mercaiden start to fight the two dragonborn as the young red dragon begins to descend.

Off in the woods, Baaki, Tanharath, and Hallabiri hear the loud whistle, see the dragon, and move swiftly to join the others.

The dragon insists that you all drop your weapons and then come with it to meet with Infernus in Fallcrest.

You continue to resist and fight and kill the two dragonborn and the young red dragon.

You then follow your horses’ trail back to the dragonborn camp. When you arrive there you find a pile of dead orc bodies and a naked orc, crucified on an X of logs. He is beaten and is near death.

Mercaiden heals and revives him. He claims to be Graggnor of the Blood Nut Clan. A group of orcs from the southern end of the Dawnforge Mountains. He claims his party was hunting the dragonborn who have been taking over orc territory and demanding tribute for Infernus.

He claims he is the unworthy wielder of the spear of Urrok the Brave, an ancient orc warrior who once slayed four dragons. The spear has been passed down through the generations from champion to champion.

Hallabiri also finds other treasure and magical items within a tent of one of the Red Hand of Tiamat.

Graggnor is not able to confirm how many dragonborn were camped here. He estimates ten, plus the dragon and two dragon beasts (the fire belchers that you fought earlier in the day).



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