Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Town Hall Courtyard Guards

Hallabiri settles in to the Icicle works inn while the rest of the party heads up to the Blue Ice Inn to search for her. Tanharath cannot pick up Hallabiri through the mind link, and Mercaiden and Grae determine that she has not been seen by the desk clerk.

In the Town Square courtyard, the party approach the main gates to the Town Hall and demand to be let in. The guards refuse and attack. The guards are unusual. There are no local Genasi among them. All of them appear to be from elsewhere. Two are dressed in similar garb to the group that the party fought on the glacier and two others are just human lackeys. When the fight starts, a Genasi from the other tribe and a water elemental join the fight.

Meanwhile, back at the Icicle Works, Hallabiri notices a group of guards who had been staking out the Inn suddenly go running off in the direction of the town. She scoops up her meal into her pack and sneaks off after them in pursuit.

The party finish off the guards at the gate, but are unaware of the approaching second group of guards.



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