Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Travelling to Hammerfast

After parting ways with Uinan, you make your way across country about 7 miles to the White River. As you approach the river, you realize that Grae is not with you.

Hallabiri retraces your steps and notes that Grae’s foot tracks end at a puddle. Looking into the puddle she sees a bright purple light receding as if into a great distance. She tries to step in after it, but the portal is gone.

You want to cross the river, but you know that the ferry will be guarded, and that is probably where the loads of lumber that were passing through Harkenwald are being taken. The river is too wide and deep to swim.

You notice some fishers and decide to barter for boat passage across the river. At first the fishers are wary of you, but eventually you convince them that you are here to remove the threat of the Red Hand and the Northmen. You offer to help bring in the lines and nets, hang fish to dry, and untangle gear.

Tanharath meditates by the river and watches for trouble.

An Orc notices Baaki’s spear of Uruk and tells of enslaved Orc brothers in the Stonemarch being forced to mine for the “dragonborns”.

As a barge passes, a gnome begins calling to Baaki. He scrambles on top of the load but is whipped and falls into the water. Crossbowmen take aim at him, but Mercaiden kills several of them before the boat is out of reach.

The gnome turns out to be Luton, Baaki’s uncle. He tells Baaki that her father is working in an open pit tin mine near the Witchlight Fens while her mother is working as a servant in the house of a wealthy person in Fallcrest.

You take a boat across the river, faking an assault on the boat owner so that they are not culpable for your escape should anyone learn of it.

You march the rest of the day, then convince a family of shepherds of your good will and sleep at their sheep ranch.

You travel the next day up to the Trade Road then head towards Hammerfast. You encounter a wagon train with 12 drivers and 12 guards. You convince the drivers and guards that you work for the dragon and that they are to abandon the wagons.

You search one of the wagons and find that it contains only ore.

When you arrive at Hammerfast, you find Ourun’s head on a pike and the doors broken down.

You make another sending to Finnick and are told they are waiting for you inside.



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