Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Trial at Nenlast

The next morning, you learn that one of the town guards was caught allowing access to the town to the assassins who attacked you. A trial is scheduled for later in the day.

Uinan, the Cleric of Melora, breakfasts with Mercaiden. She tells Mercaiden that she must leave Nenlast and journey to the Harken Forest, south of Fallcrest, where the Elves of the Winterbole Forest have taken refuge.Her services are needed to heal the injured and to help inspire the Elves to fight for their homeland.

Ulmenar, a monk, approaches Tanharath and presents him with the Staff of the Adaptable Mind, which once belonged to Tanharath’s staff fighting instructor, Khun-al Khan.

At the trial later in the morning, Baron Erik Joa-Chin presides. A young man, Endon, stand accused. He admits to the crime and claims that the Nerathians stole this land long ago from the Northmen, and that it belongs to the Northmen by birthright.

Endon is sentenced to death, but before the sentence can be carried out, in the crowd, three suspicious individuals are spotted. Grae manages to bring one down and he is captured.

You later question both prisoners in jail and learn that they are both members of the Cult of Tiamat. You gain some conflicting information from them. You later learn that one is Bartok, the local leader of the cult, and that they are in collusion with the Red Hand of Tiamat in the attacks on the region.



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