Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Troglodyte Hunters

You take a short rest after fighting the duergar. You then bindg the feet and hands of the captured archer, giving his feet enough slack so that he can walk. He agrees to lead you towards Forgehome, but he will not take you all the way there as he will be killed by the dwarves.

As you progress down the ancient dwarven mining tunnels, you come upon an area that has been mined—probably for silver. While investigating the room, you are ambushed by a group of Troglodytes from Hraak Azul, the great fugal fortress. One is riding a rage drake.

During the fight, Breena gains the rage drake as her own mount by dismounting the troglodyte rider and climbing on top.

Amon knocks out the duergar to stop him from escaping during the fight.

You suffer heavy damage in the fight but seem to be holding your own. Unfortunately, you hear the sound of approaching troglodyte reinforcements. You realize that in your weakened condition, you are no match for fresh combatants, so you hastily flee the chamber.

Unfortunately, you had to leave the duergar behind—although it is questionable just how reliable a guide he actually was.

Using your great skills you evade the pursuit of the troglodytes, setting traps and distractions for them that enable you to move through the dwarven mining tunnels and gradually get closer to Forgehome.



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