Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Trouble at the Fists of Zuoken Monastery

You return to Fallcrest from the Far Realm and spend time recuperating and restocking your supplies. Grae checks on his investment. HIs initial 1000gp has grown to 1100gp. He decides to reinvest the money. Orest Naerumar offers an additional 5% if Grae will bring him news of the dwarves at Hammerfast. There have been no caravans coming for weeks. There are many orders of cut-stone that have not been fulfilled, and Lord Markelhay is anxious to finish the repairs to the damage caused by the green dragon. There is also an order of weapons for the town guard that is long overdue.

After spending some time in the town of Fallcrest, Nimozaran contacts you to tell you that Tobolor was sent to the Fists of Zuoken Monastery in the northern Dawnforge Mountains, north of Nenlast, about a week’s journey north of Hammerfast.

Tobolor was sent to retrieve a book from the Fists of Zuoken Library of Knowledge. Nimozaran cannot say the name of the book aloud, but he makes a drawing of the symbol on the cover which you recognize as pertaining to the Dragon Queen. Tobolor sent a message back, soon after his arrival that the monastery was under attack by Dragonborn.

He transports you to the village of Deep Pines. When you arrive there, the village has been burned to the ground and no survivors are seen.

You make the half-day long trek up the mountain trail. On your way up you encounter a monk named Tanharath who is descending the mountain to get help from the village militia in turning back an attack by dragonborn who bear a mark of a red hand upon their armour. You offer to help him, so he leads you back up the mountain to the monastery.

When you arrive you see that the gates have been breached. The field is littered with the bodies of both monks and dragonborn soldiers.

You tell Tanharath about your quest to retrieve the book from the library, so he sneaks you into the monastery through a secret entrance. As you work your way through the halls and corridors, you encounter more monk and dragonborn bodies.

When you enter the library vestibule, you find it guarded by three dragonborn bearing tratnyrs. You slay them then climb the stairs to the library. In the library there are four more dragonborn, including a Gladiator of Tiamat and one that they refer to as the Commandant.

It seems that they are here seeking the same book that you are. You slay them and retrieve the book.

After the battle, monks return to the monastery and begin to secure it once more.

Tanharath offers to help you take the book back to Nimozaran.

There is no sign of Tobolor, and none of the monks recall seeing him. It is possible that the monastery was already under attack when he arrived and so he never went inside to ask for the book.

Then you learn that the Abbott is also missing. Perhaps they have left together?

You take an extended rest back near the burned village while you decide what to do next:

1. Find Tobolor and the Abbott
2. Find out what is happening at Hammerfast
3. Go to Forgehome to deal with the purple dragon
4. Return the book to Nimozaran



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