Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Turning back

You realize that you will never catch the lizard folk chieftain by continuing on the forest road to the West, so you decide to turn back East and head to Deep Pines to try to use the portal to return to Fall Crest.

You send a Sending to Nimozaran to find out if he can open the portal for you, but you do not receive a reply. Next you send a Sending to Zincofax to find out what is going on with Nimozaran. He informs you that he is a prisoner in Fall Crest and that Nimozaran has been eaten. He requests your help. He also informs you that the Elves of Winterbole have fled south. Finally, you send a Sending to Manillel at Deep Pines to find out if she can operate the portal, but she tells you that Deep Pines has been taken over by Dragonborn and Northmen, and that all the people are hiding in Nenlast.

You decide to go to Nenlast and then to try to get to Fall Crest from there or at least to regroup.

On the road you come upon a camp of Northmen whom you engage in battle and defeat.



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