Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Vault Key Puzzle

You enter a room with a tiled floor covered in runes. On the far side, the wall glows.

You determine that the runes are written in an ancient form of draconic. You can’t read them, but from your knowledge of draconic you determine that there is some reference to opening something, summoning something, and a vault key.

A careful examination of the tiles reveals that some of the tiles are more heavily used than the others, so you attempt to jump from one different tile to the next. When you fail to jump far enough you step on the non-different tiles and are immediately shocked by lightning and tossed across the room.

Mercaiden finally manages to make it all the way across the room, stepping only on the different tiles. When she lands on the final tile, four iron defenders (iron constructs in the form of dogs) appear as if summoned. They speak in unison demanding to know who has summoned them and then they ask for the word of opening.

When you realize that you do not know the word of opening, the dogs attack. After a vicious fight, you search the room and find two chests of gold.

Dr. Carrion uses his shock attack to disrupt the spell on the wall. After a search of the wall, a small drawer is revealed that contains an odd looking key.



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