Tiefling Warlock


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Adaptable, but impatient to make a decision. As long as a decision is made, timely, then he doesn’t much care which path is followed. He keeps a level head under pressure, but is quick to bite back when his plans fall apart. Too little sleep, and never enough answers. Being born merchant family that operated on the border of the forest had its ups and downs. Not every season was profitable and the banditry issues are growing increasingly dire. Became the close friend of Fra’niki Icesong, an Icesoul Genasi, as a child who he unknowingly freed from a bandit slaver. (Where he learned the language of the elementals, and his penchant for cold based powers.) A boyhood crush, led him to try and develop his abilities to impress the girl, ice flowers etc… but it never quite turned out. He toiled; drown his adolescence in study, until he found a shortcut to power.


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