Dragonborn Sorceror


Female Dragonborn, Water Elementalist, Primordial Adept of Solkara.

From a distance this grey-robed figure looks more like a tall human male than dragonborn. Short and scrawny for a dragonborn, she has light brown scales and grey eyes. Her whole body is coverd in criss-crossing bluish white scars.


At the time of the Hallabiri’s birth, the Scalefire Clan had 34 members. The lived on the outskirts of a small village several days ride south of Fallcrest.
She was a small child, and the two other children born in the same year as her quickly outgrew her. When she reached 6 years of age, both of the other children had already started to manifest their breath weapons (although not reliably), while she had not. When it was time to give her second name–the name she would carry until she earned her third and final name at adult hood–they choose Biri (which loosely translates to “she without breath”).
Her tribe had never heard of a dragonborn without a breath weapon. By the time her two age mates had mastered their breath weapons–able to call upon it reliably and repeatedly–and earned their adult names, Biri was still considered a child. The adults in the tribe were pretty much resigned to the fact that she would never gain a breath weapon.
Her tribe supported itself through mercenary work. They refused to take jobs where they would be used to intimidate or victimize others, and instead took jobs where they were used as guards. Their preferred jobs where as caravan guards, protecting caravans on long trips through the wilderness between community and community.
Unfortunately with no breath weapon, she had some trouble defending herself and had to stay behind with the children and elderly. She tried to learn to fight with a sword, but lacked the strength and coordination. She tried to learn to fight with a bow, but was not much better with that. She eventually had to settle for learning to handle a dagger.
During her childhood, she hopped that she would have the sorcerous gift, able to use draconic magic. When she was angry or scared the air around her grew cold. As she neared adolescence, they became less frequent. She eventually gave up on that hope as well.
In order to find some way to contribute to her clan she started negotiating the contracts for the mercenaries. She managed to increase their fees by roughly twenty percent. After a few years a being the spokeswoman for her tribe, she started to join the mercenaries. Instead of offering her services as a guard, she offered her services in negotiations, and as an aide to the merchants.
Finally feeling useful, she was amazed to discover that she loved travelling. She was nearly tireless, and could walk or run alongside the horses for the whole day nearly without rest. Unfortunately, on her third trip the caravan was attacked by a force of orc raiders three times larger than the guards. Finding herself surrounded and armed with only a dagger and a walking stick, she suddenly lashed out and snarled at the orc bandits. Although she was shorter and lighter than the well armed orcs, most of them began to cower before her and a few even turned and ran. Many years later she would discover this was dragon fear a rare power that some dragonborn develop. Seeing her opportunity, she ran as fast as she could.
Unfortunately, she chose the wrong direction to run, and ended up at the top of a steep cliff. As the bandits caught up with her she made her decision, and jumped from the cliff to the rocky shoals below.
Although too weak to be a great climber she had the stamina to slowly make her way up the cliff. As she neared the top, badly injured and weak from loss of blood she started to think about what she had done. She had abandoned her clan, and her clients. She had no right to any death better than drowning or being eater by some sea creature. So she let go.
When she awoke all she knew was that it was cold and dark. She couldn’t move her arms or legs. She simply lay there expecting to die. Instead she became used to the cold. Although it remained as cold, it simply did not bother her anymore. She could not see the stars or the moon above her, and still could not move more than her eyes and her mouth. She could smell salt water and her own blood. As hours passed, she slowly became able to see. There was a small amount of light coming off from somewhere past her feet, but she could not turn her head far enough to see.
She was able to see rock above her head, she was in a tunnel coated with ice. As her dragonborn hardiness began to knit her shattered body, she began to think about the ice on the tunnel’s roof. She started to concentrate on moving one hand, straining mightily she eventually broke her hand free from the ice she was stuck in, several inches thick. Working slowly, she freed the rest of her body.
Eventually she found that she was on tunnel in a large rock in the middle of the sea. With no other land as far as she could see, she attempted to explore the island. As she went further out of the half-submerged tunnel, the air became much warmer and the water around the island was fairly warm. Unfortunately the island was a bare rock, not a plant or animal to be seen. Further inside the tunnel was a series of rooms, complete with a small shrine with a large fresh water well in the middle.
She could sense a presence in the well and knew that it had brought her here. She sensed that the presence was dormant and that it had drawn her there unwittingly. She found some fishing supplies, and with trial and error learned to feed herself.
After a few days she discovered notes left by a scholar. Although she could not read most of the notes (they were largely in primordial), some of them were written in common. According to the notes, the presence she sensed was a primordial named Solkara, known as the crushing wave. She was a defeated during the divine war, but the gods could not spare the time to completely destroy her, so they locked her in a cave deep under the island. The scholar was convinced that Solkara was under the well in the middle of the shrine.
As the weeks passed, she realized that Solkara was reacting to something insider of her. She began to manifest her sorcerous gift again, being able to call forth bolts of freezing cold at will.
As she learned to manifest her gift, she realized that she couldn’t stay on the island. Her diet of fish and seaweed was making her ill. She needed to get to shore and get some proper food. Finding a couple of waterskins in the cave, she filled them and started to swim for shore.
Before the well she renamed herself Hallabiri (literaly “she who scares the breath from her foes”), and swore to protect and serve Solkara in any way that she could.
After years of selling her services as a guard to merchant caravans, she has been slowly making her way south. Although she wants to see her clan again, she is afraid of their judgement of her.
She recently heard of a magical aquifer with rumoured elemental powers. She hopes that this water can help her understand her elemental powers or possibly help Solkara recover a portion of her strength.


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