Elf - Cleric


Mercaiden spent her productive youth in the valleys and hills of Meadowvale. This area was once surrounded by glacier capped mountains. Streams would flow through the valley from the glaciers. The elderly remember the stories of old and the growth of their community.

Realizing she wanted to see more of the world and a strong desire for adventure, pushed her to travel abroad. It was in these travels that she met and fell in love with Brantoll, of Clan Ironvein. The two were destine for heartache.

Brantoll and Mercaiden travelled to many cities, dined with many Royal families and battled many foes. One such battle brought Mercaiden crashing down with heartache. Brantoll had been fatally wounded by a group of orc bandits; Mercaiden had been fishing at the river several hundred feet away when Brantoll was attacked. The sound of the rapids drowned out the sounds of the battle. By the time she arrived at Brantoll’s side, it was already too late; Brantoll was dead. Mercaiden vowed to learn how to heal the wounded and save any friends she made in the future.

Mercaiden, being an Elf and only 167-years-old, had many years left to live, and knew she must carry on without Brantoll. She studied hard, and was granted the honour of Cleric some 15 years after Brantoll’s death.

Trained and restless once more, Mercaiden hit the road seeking adventure……



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