Kalashtar Ardent


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Here is some background about the Fists of Zuoken. Zuoken was a human follower of the Breath of the Sun and Moon monastic tradition, and was supposedly the first mortal to reach elightenment-the perfect harmony of mind body and soul. AS a reward for his efforts, Ioun made him one of her greatest exarchs. The Fists of Zuoken is one of the most revered schools of the monastic tradition, and students in the monastery are taught to follow his example. The order’s disciples are paragons of elightenment, working constantly toward person perfection.

Tanharath’s mentor was an Elemental initiate who took him under his wing and taught him the elemental philosophy to help him bring balance to the strange emotional influence he experiences as well as exerts on others. The resided in a cave on a rock face they had to climb to, and came in to join the other monks on a daily basis to participate in daily training and other duties of upkeep around the monastery proper. His master said that the only way to truly advance would be to eventually confront the raw elemental reality of the world beyond the monastery once he was ready.


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