Dragon Slayers Incorporated

The Second Wyrmpriest

In the next chamber, the kobolds have a trap for you. While the slingers, dragon shields, and the wyrmpriest stay out of the way on top of platforms, a huge boulder is released into the room. It is designed to roll around the room and crush anyone who tries to pass through the room or attack the wyrmpriest.

Dr. Carion saves the day by pulling all the kobolds down into the path of the boulder.

You use the room where the slingers were hiding to take an extended rest.


Level 3 Orb of Inevitable Continuance (PHB p. 238) — Amon

Encounter XP = 850 (170 ea.)


After recuperating from the dart traps in the tomb you make your way to another family tomb beneath the old ruined manor.

To your surprise, you discover a group of kobolds engaged in one of their favourite games—Skull-Skull. They stand on a platform and swing a skull tied to a rope that is anchored to the ceiling above a sludge pit. The skull is covered in sticky sludge. The object of the game is to hit another skull that is mounted on a sarcophagus beside the sludge pit and get the skulls to stick together. The winner is the kobold who picks up the most skulls.

When you enter the room you become the target of the skull-skull game.

You successfully defeat the kobolds, but their pet Guard Drakes give you some serious trouble.


1 Ruby 50gp
2 garnets 25gp each
(40gp ea.)

Encounter XP = 650 (130 ea.)

The Tomb

Pressing further into the dragon’s lair in pursuit of the two escaped kobolds you enter a chamber that looks like an ancient family tomb. There are four sealed sarcophagi in the center of the room and two ancient suits of armour in 2 of 8 alcoves.

The two kobolds are here, along with three more. They appear to be guarding an alter at the far end of the room. You soon discover that they are actually trying to lure you into traps. Each of the suits of armor are dart traps, keyed to specific tiles on the floor.

You take heavy hits but manage to defeat the kobolds and the traps.


Potion of healing

XP = 550 (110 ea.)

Kobold Manor

You spend some time doing research to determine where the old mansion could be hidden in the Cloak Woods, then set off to locate it. Your skills serve you well and after the better part of a day of searching you locate the ruins and find the entrance.

You sneak down into the dungeon and discover kobold guards. You have a short fight and two of the guards escape deeper into the dungeon.


2 slings
4 gluepots
40 sling bullets
4 pearls worth 30pg ea. (120gp)

Skill challenge XP = 100 (20 ea.)
Encounter XP = 500 (100 ea.)

Second Ambush

Before you can decide what to do next, a wyrmpriest and his followers attack you on the road. As luck would have it, a Tiefling named Grae, whom you have seen in town before, arrives to help. The five of you take enough damage that you decide to head back to Fallcrest to report what you have learned about the possibility of a dragon being behind the attacks on the road and on the farm.

You show Markelhay the evidence of the kobold bandits that you have slain and the white dragon scale shields that you have taken from some of the kobolds.

Markelhay and Padraig agree to increase the bounty on the dragon to 1500gp.


3 Dragon Scale shields
1 orb
1 Scull mask
1 Obsidian Dragon Medallion (60gp)

Encounter XP = 625 (125 ea.)

Kobolds on the King's Road

Breena, Amon, Mercaiden, and a Dwarf Warden, step forward to take the job of tracking down the bandits and solving the mystery of the frozen corpses. They set off on the road to Winterhaven in hopes of flushing out the bandits as they make their way up to the site of the attack on the farms.

It is not long before they are ambushed by Kobolds who got more than they bargained for. All but one are dispatched in short order. The remaining Kobold, very wounded and bleeding, is questioned and reveals that it serves a master named Szartharrax who lairs in an old abandoned mansion in the Cloak Woods.

A quick search of the bodies turns up some Treasure in the form of gold and some rather battered weapons. Two of the dead Kobolds carried a shield that you determine was made from the scale of a White Dragon—a beast they know to be associated with freezing breath powers.

White dragons are fierce, not too bright, and can be bribed with diamonds and fresh meat.


40gp (8gp ea.)

Encounter 1: Kobolds on the King’s Road — 195 XP each.
(100 for roleplaying + 95 for Monsters)

The Adventure Begins
A call goes out for adventurers

Lord Warden Faren Markelhay of Fallcrest has called a meeting. All the leaders of the community and heads of households are required to attend.

As one of the bold and the best in Fallcrest, you attend the meeting in the square at Moonstone Keep. When you arrive, you find many other heroes of the town, heads of all the households, as well as all the notable business owners, church leaders, and scholars.

Markelhay steps up on a platform in front of the crowd. Another man is with him. The man is a stranger to you, but you can tell by his clothing that he is a nobleman of some sort—probably a wealthy business owner or a Lord.

“People of Fallcrest,” Markelhay begins, “For those of you who have not met him, this is Lord Earnest Padraig of Winterhaven. He has come to us today to ask for our assistance in solving a mystery and aiding his village. I will ask Lord Padraig to tell the tale.” He gestures to Padraig who steps forward. You know Winterhaven is a small village more than a day’s journey north of Fallcrest.

“Thank you Lord Markelhay,” he says as he bows. “Two years ago reptilian bandits started appearing on the King’s Road raiding caravans that bring our goods down to market here in Fallcrest. At first it was only one raid a month, but recently almost every traveler on the road is accosted and robbed. This bandit activity is very costly both in terms of the goods that we ship and in terms of the guards that we must employ to ensure the safe passage of our goods. Last week at the end of the harvest, a most terrible event occurred. Two farms were attacked and all within were killed. All the harvested food was taken along with the livestock.”

“This raid was much bigger than anything that we have seen before. Walls were ripped off the barns and the livestock was removed without evidence of a large wagon to carry them off. What is more peculiar is that the farm folk were found frozen where they stood. Our wizard, Valthrun the Prescient, was unable to determine the nature of the magic that might have caused this.” He looks out over the crowd, allowing the impact of his words to sink in. You have heard the name Valthrun the Prescient before, but you do not know much about him.

He continues: “I come to you, people of Fallcrest, to seek adventurers who would be willing to find these bandits and solve the mystery of the frozen farmers. Winterhaven is a village of simple farming folks. We do not have the expertise to take on an endeavour of this magnitude. My fear is that these attacks are only the beginning. I fear that this points to a threat both to the lives of those in Winterhaven, and the supply of goods to the city of Fallcrest. Winter is coming, and neither Fallcrest nor Winterhaven can risk being without sufficient provisions.”

Lord Markelhay steps forward and raises his right arm over the crowd. “Are there any here who would volunteer to rid the roads of these bandits and discover the mystery of the dreadful attacks on the family farms?”

Lord Padraig continues, “Lord Markelhay and I have raised 1000gp from farmers and merchants as well as municipal coffers to reward anyone that can complete this quest.”


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