Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Water Archons Revealed

Hallabiri arrives just behind the second group of guards who immediately engage with the party. The party decide that the best course of action is to get inside the fortress. They manage to force the gate open and push back the guards, then close the gate again.

Inside, the courtyard is full of local ice genasi. None of the invaders can be seen.

The party finds an empty building and takes a rest.

Grae then scouts the town hall. He manages to break one lock, but enters another door, cloaked in invisibility.

Inside he finds that the entire town hall has been converted from a council chamber to some sort of ritual chamber. All the furniture has been removed and is replaced by a large cistern containing water.

The town hall is occupied by two water archons and two ice genasi from the other tribe.

Grae is detected and attacked but manages to escape back to the party.

A plan is concocted to attack from two sides. Grae unlocks two different doors and prepares to attack. Unfortunately, Grae makes a noise, alerting those within the town hall of their presence.

The party bursts in and engages the archons and the genasi. One of the archons begins a ritual that rapidly fills the room with water. After defeating the archons and the genasi, Grae manages to defeat the ritual that is filling the room with water, Hallabiri retrieves an orb from the bottom of the pool, and Baaki smashes one of the doors open, releasing all the water from the town hall in a deluge.

Town Hall Courtyard Guards

Hallabiri settles in to the Icicle works inn while the rest of the party heads up to the Blue Ice Inn to search for her. Tanharath cannot pick up Hallabiri through the mind link, and Mercaiden and Grae determine that she has not been seen by the desk clerk.

In the Town Square courtyard, the party approach the main gates to the Town Hall and demand to be let in. The guards refuse and attack. The guards are unusual. There are no local Genasi among them. All of them appear to be from elsewhere. Two are dressed in similar garb to the group that the party fought on the glacier and two others are just human lackeys. When the fight starts, a Genasi from the other tribe and a water elemental join the fight.

Meanwhile, back at the Icicle Works, Hallabiri notices a group of guards who had been staking out the Inn suddenly go running off in the direction of the town. She scoops up her meal into her pack and sneaks off after them in pursuit.

The party finish off the guards at the gate, but are unaware of the approaching second group of guards.

Exploring Kalte

You decide to go to the Icicle Works Inn. On your way, Fra’nika invites you in for tea. While she is making tea, some guards show up and ask you to register your presence in the town properly.

They warn you that you must be off the streets by curfew, which is only half an hour away. You leave Fra’nika’s and head back to town, deciding to stay at the Deep Cold Inn. Grae is told he can report to the Town Hall in the morning if he wants his questions about the occupation answered.

Mercaiden and Grae observe the warehouse area looking for suspicious activity. They decide in the morning to try to get in to see what might be going on there. Hallabiri decides to visit Fra’nika.

Grae manages to sneak in to the warehouse area, but Mercaiden, Baaki, and Tanharath get the attention of the guards and are sent away from the area and back into the market square.

Grae sees all the workers labouring intensely but without conversation or personality.

Hallabiri encounters a group of guards who seem to be waiting for Grae. They ask where she is going and she says to Fra’nika’s. They allow her to pass. When she gets to Fra’nika’s, she finds that the place has been ransacked and that Fra’nika is gone. There is an ambush waiting. She manages to escape using Solkara’s Wave and Dragon Fear.

The party determine that there is an aura emanating from the Town Hall that might be the cause of the strange behaviour of the Ice Genasi.

Eventually the party regroups at the Inn and meet up with Fra’nika. She seems completely changed and lacking in spirit or motivation. She insists that she must get to work.

Grae takes her to his room where he knocks her out and binds her.

Meanwhile, Hallabiri heads for the Icicle Works Inn and the rest of the party track her, trying to find a path to the upper town that avoids the road.

Blizzard Dragon Attack

Grae and Fra’nika rescue the party from their various icebergs and then head back to Fran’nika’s village by Elemental Skiff.

During the flight the party is confused by the fact that Fra’nika does not seem to be particularly affected by the take over of her village by a rival tribe of Ice Genasi, including the deaths of the village leaders.

Suddenly the skiff is attacked by two Blizzard Dragons, once the guardians of the village, now they seem intent on the destruction of the skiff. The dragons are ridden by two rival Ice Genasi.

When the dragons are bloodied they seem to regain their senses, then they fly off in fear.

The two Ice Genasi are killed.

The party then heads back to Fra’nika’s village; however, some party members become suspicious that Fra’nika’s behaviour is not what one would expect.

The party notices a large battleship in the distance paralleling their course. The ship departs when it is evident that the skiff is landing at the docs of Kalte.

The harbour master requires the party to sign in. Grae fakes their information by writing gibberish in a Tiefling script.

Once in the town, the party tries to decide where to spend the night.

Mirmakur the Storm Titan

You see in the distance a 30 foot tall shambling figure. As you approach it, you see that it looks as though it has been washed ashore and then frozen. It is covered in ice, frozen seaweed, mud, and other detritus from the sea. Delban confirms that you are at your destination.

When you get close enough the figure begins to move and all the ice tumbles off. You identify it as Mirmakur, a Storm Titan and leader of the Cult of Solkara, the Queen of Waters.

Mirmakur is angry because you are late and have neglected to bring the fire elemental. He mistakes Grae for the Heirophant. He demands that you begin the ritual, implying that the party are to be sacrificed to the Queen of Waters.

Grae starts the ritual, and as it progresses, Mirmakur becomes increasingly agitated, and Hallabiri begins to realize that the ritual is going to destroy Mirmakur and free Solkara. She insists that this must not happen as it could mean the destruction of the world.

Mercaiden tries to move away from Mirmakur, but he blasts at her, shattering the ground beneath her feet and launching her into the air. She attains escape velocity and begins to drift away from the glacier that you have been walking upon.

Mirmakur is furious and demands that one of you fly up and retrieve her. When no one acts, he scoops up Hallabiri and throws him at Mercaiden, demanding that she bring her back. Mercaiden and Hallabiri try to grab each other, but miss. Hallabiri flies past then collides with a floating iceberg.

Mirmakur becomes increasingly irrational and demands that the party retrieve the two sacrifices. He insists that they tie together their rope and he will hurtle Grae after the two missing party members while Baaki holds on. Grae convinces Mirmakur to throw Baaki instead which he does, but without anyone holding the rope. Mercaiden snags the rope and the two of them end up on different bergs.

Mirmakur next throws Tanharath who lands on a berg and begins to contemplate the universe.

Grae turns invisible and runs, leaving the raging Mirmakur behind.

He runs back to the location of the fight with the Cultist hunters and notices as flying ship coming towards him. The ship lands. Three Elf-like individuals get out and examine the scene of the fight.

Grae makes himself visible, startling the crew of the ship.

A woman Genasi demands to know who he is. After a tense few moments where Grae tries to bluff, the two realize that they know each other. The woman is Fra’nika Icesong, the one who he fell in love with when he was a teenager and the reason that he became a Star Pact warlock. He convinces her of who he is by producing an ice flower for her just as he had done as a boy.

Anti-cultist Interception Party

After defeating the Cultists of the Queen of Waters, the party continues to follow Grae who follows the urgings of Delban.

Grae has donned the robes of the cultist Heirophant.

After a while you notice large birds of prey circling overhead.

Hallabiri lays down in the snow to make a “snow angel” but finds herself in slush instead. A water elemental rises out of the slush and attacks. Simultaneously, the birds dive and a woman, dressed in snow camouflage leaps up and attacks Grae, thinking he is the Heirophant.

The attackers will not listen to reason and are bent on your destruction.

It is a short but brutal fight, leaving the water elemental and the human woman dead and the wounded birds flying off.

Grae finds papers on the woman’s person, and Mercaiden takes her Exalted Chainmail armour. The papers contain orders, written in Elven to intercept and destroy cultists that were expected to be attempting a sacrifice to release the Queen of Waters.

Cultists of the Queen of Waters

The party decides to allow Grae to finish his ritual.

Grae completes drawing a teleportation circle that transports you to an ice cave in a frozen waste. All around is ice and snow. There are no plants or animals or other signs of life. In the sky, instead of clouds, there are great mountains of ice. You surmise that you have been teleported to the Elemental Chaos.

No one, including Grae is sure of what to do next, so Grae seeks Delban’s guidance. Delban indicates the direction that the party should travel.

After a while you notice another party travelling on a parallel course, heading in the same direction.

There are 12 individuals. Three elf-like warriors leading a party of human who pull a sled that contains a fire in a cage.

The other party notices you and moves towards you. They ask if you are coming to worship the Queen of Waters. Hallabiri mentions Solkara, but the other party do not recognize this name. Once they realize that you are not followers of the Queen of Waters, they attack you.

During the battle, the fire in the cage breaks free and joins the battle. It is a fire elemental.

You defeat the other party, which after you question them, you discover comprised a Hierophant, two Initiates, and and nine cultists. They were bringing the fire elemental to sacrifice to the Queen of Waters. Grae convinces the Initiate that he and your party are part of an elite cult of the Queen of Waters. She wishes to join you, but once Grae extracts all the information from her, he knifes her in the throat.

Grae then dons the robes worn by the Hierophant to mascaraed as a cultist of the Queen of Waters.

The party continues to follow Delban’s directions.

The Circle of Delban

You question Graggnor of the Blood Nut clan further, then bring him with you back to your camp. You debate about what your next course of action will be and decide to head to Fiveleague House for supplies and information while you await the return of Gimlan and Finnick from Anvil of Moradin.

You also decide to set up a plague clinic at Fiveleague House to make some extra money.

During the night you take watches. During Grae’s watch, he begins to draw a circle of obscure runes around the camp site. When Tanharath awakens for his watch he finds Grae just finishing the marks. The others are awakened and attack Grae to stop him.

There is some debate about letting Grae finish or not. All but Mercaiden, Ourun, and Graggnor, who has wandered off, reenter the circle. Mercaiden remains on the circle, blocking the spot where Grae needs to complete it.

The Young Red Dragon

Grae and Mercaiden start to fight the two dragonborn as the young red dragon begins to descend.

Off in the woods, Baaki, Tanharath, and Hallabiri hear the loud whistle, see the dragon, and move swiftly to join the others.

The dragon insists that you all drop your weapons and then come with it to meet with Infernus in Fallcrest.

You continue to resist and fight and kill the two dragonborn and the young red dragon.

You then follow your horses’ trail back to the dragonborn camp. When you arrive there you find a pile of dead orc bodies and a naked orc, crucified on an X of logs. He is beaten and is near death.

Mercaiden heals and revives him. He claims to be Graggnor of the Blood Nut Clan. A group of orcs from the southern end of the Dawnforge Mountains. He claims his party was hunting the dragonborn who have been taking over orc territory and demanding tribute for Infernus.

He claims he is the unworthy wielder of the spear of Urrok the Brave, an ancient orc warrior who once slayed four dragons. The spear has been passed down through the generations from champion to champion.

Hallabiri also finds other treasure and magical items within a tent of one of the Red Hand of Tiamat.

Graggnor is not able to confirm how many dragonborn were camped here. He estimates ten, plus the dragon and two dragon beasts (the fire belchers that you fought earlier in the day).

Gladiators of Tiamat

While you are camping with Ourun, Mercaiden notices a nearby campfire. In the morning you investigate and see evidence of a recently abandoned camp. You follow a trail out to the road and notice three dragonborn and two dragonspawn firebelchers walking along the road. You confront them when they spot you. They ask you to come with them to Fallcrest to parley with their lord, Infernus.

You engage them in battle and kill them all.

Upon searching the bodies you find small change and a scroll that contains a message in draconic. The message describes your party and contains orders to bring you to Fallcrest to meet Infernus. They are to bring you in alive but can kill you if you attack them.

You head back to camp. Grae and Mercaiden go looking for your horses. Their ropes have been cut and they appear to have been lead away.

You discover a large dung pile that contains horse bones.

You notice a red dragon flying high above.

As you turn to head back to the camp, two dragonborn approach you and identify you as being two members of a party that they are searching for. They request that you come with them to Fallcrest. You refuse and try to run. One of them blows a loud whistle.


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