Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Hammerfast: The Lair of the Dragon

The dragon’s lair appears to be magically warded with a haze that zaps any who enter it or who use certain magical powers from within it.

There are also mushrooms present. Some that create clouds of concealment and some that attack with spores.

You defeat the remaining troglodytes but are unable to do much damage to the dragon. The dragon allows you to leave with your lives as it seems to have no interest in continuing the battle and risking its treasure.

You leave Hammerfast and rejoin Ourun who has been joined by two dwarves from Anvil, over the mountains. There is Gimlan, and female dwarven warrior, and Finnick, a male dwarven sage. Finnick suggests a plan to kill the dragon now that you know that it is a purple dragon. He suggests that he creates a teleportation circle and that the party lure the dragon into it and be teleported away from Hammerfast to El Shalal. He believes that the sun will kill the dragon in less than a minute. He will need two weeks to return to Anvil and gather the components and the ritual to make the portal.

You decide that during the two weeks you will go back to Five League House and find news.

Hammerfast: The Forges

You reach the Forges area of Hammerfast. After exploring different mine shafts, you come across some troglodytes who are guarding the way to the chamber where the dragon is hiding. They are able to drive you off, and then escape to the chamber.

Hammerfast: Ourun's Hall

You enter Ourun’s Hall. It is abandoned, but you find a secret door under the throne that leads to a chamber where Ourun is hiding. He is almost dead. You lead him out of Hammerfast to safety. He draws a map for you of where he thinks the dragon and the treasure might be.

You camp with him for the night then head back into the city.

Hammerfast: Haunted Living Quarters

Just outside the Hall of Ourun you enter the living quarters of the King’s Guard. It is full of ghosts and a zombie. They almost defeat the party.

Hammerfast: Guard Living Quarters

You find guard living quarters protected by ghosts and zombies who keep telling you that you will never find it. Unfortunately, you never learn what “it” is.

You have an extended rest in the guard quarters.

Hammerfast: Guard House

You press deeper into Hammerfast looking for the dragon when you come across some dwarves who are wights. As you fight the wights a ghost spider is also drawn to the fray.

Hammerfast: Mercantile Area

You make your way through the mercantile area looking for the apothecary and are attacked by mummified dwarves and zombies. You escape to the apothecary and become pinned down when the troglodytes that you avoided at the temple track you to the apothecary.

After defeating the troglodytes and the zombies you find the ingredients that you seek for the cure.

Hammerfast: The Temple of Moradin

As you press deeper into Hammerfast, troglodytes that were hidden in the temple of Moradin attack from the shadows. You escape into the dwarven market area.

Everywhere that you turn there are dead, rotting, fungus infested dwarves. Mercaiden thinks she can concoct a cure for the fungus plague if you can find an apothecary.

Hammerfast: The Great Hall

A passage from the secret door leads you into the great hall of Hammerfast. It is dark and smells strongly of fungus. As you cross the hall, five darkmantles drop from the ceiling and attack. After a short fight they are defeated.

Five League House

The party decides to go to Hammerfast to deal with the fungus dragon. It is at least a three day journey. Along the way the party stops at the Five League House to get supplies.

While you are there you notice an unusual cast of characters in the tavern, including a dwarf, a human, some elves, a group of halflings, and a mixed race group playing Three-Dragon Ante, including a Satyr, a Tiefling, a Kobold, an Eladrin, and a Human.

You speak briefly with the halflings who are hoping that you will accompany them to Fallcrest where they are going to arrange taxes and tribute for the dragon Infernus.

The owner of Fiveleague House, Barton, sells you your goods and warns you off Hammerfast, informing you that it is under quarantine.

After a brief visit, the party heads to Hammerfast. There are signs and blockade along the way warning of a plague in the city. You arrive at nightfall to find the gates barred.

The next morning you approach the gate and see a sign that reads: Enter not Hammerfast lest you suffer the plague of undying rot.

You find a secret door, and Baaki uses her skeleton key to gain entry.


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