Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Ambush and oblivion at a fey crossing

You fly the airship towards the village of the Empty Eye Orcs of the western side of the Nentir vale. You stop for the night in a forested area by a creek. During the night you are attacked by a vine from the feywild and an oblivion moss. The moss steals memories and powers from you and creates duplicates of Baaki, Mercaiden, and Beandr.

After you defeat them, Grae eats some of the oblivion moss and learns sees through the memories of a dragonborn who was slain by the moss a volcano rising over Fallcrest and a huge elder red dragon ordering the Red Hand of Tiamat.

The next day you reach the village of the Empty Eye Orcs. Lagduff introduces you to Snagga, the current leader of the village. He challenges Baaki for the Spear of Urruk. Baaki defeats him in single combat.

The village agrees to join your army and take over Winterhaven. Baaki, Tanharath, and Fra’nika go with Snagga and Lagduff.

Messengers are sent to the orcs in the Dawnforge mountains to rally near Fallcrest in two weeks.

Grae, Beandr, and Mercaiden decide to take the airship to Kobold Hall where they will hide it and then they will travel to Fallcrest for reconnaisance.

I’m Urrok!

You hide your airship and set out on horseback to find the mine.

You find the road leading to the mine and follow it along. You encounter two different wagon trains hauling marble blocks from the mine.

As you near the mine, Beandr flies up to see what is ahead. He spots four guard towers, including two at the front gate.

You decide to find a better vantage point to try to view the layout of the mining area at the top of the box canyon. You find a knoll guarded by a male and female human pair. They challenge Mercaiden with a spear and club and are soon dispatched by Mercaiden and Grae.

From the knoll you determine that the towers are manned with archers, all of whom are watching inside the mine, guarding the workers, not guarding from outside.

You confer and plan your attack for afer nightfall.

Once everyone is asleep, Baaki rapels down into the mine by the tents where the orcs are sleeping. Beandr ambushes the south tower while Grae takes out the north tower. Baaki uses the Spear of Urrok the Brave to rouse the orcs and rally them to attack the masters.

A battle ensues. Soon the remaining two towers are neutralized, the horses are freed, and the camp is looted. Mercaiden is hit but not wounded. Fra’nika takes a ballista bolt through the torso but is healed by the party.

Blue Dragon River Guard

A Blue Dragon and three dragonborn raiders approach you in the air. The raiders are mounted on griffons.

You are fourced to land the airship.

Two of the three griffons fly off, but Beandr tames the third and acquires it as his mount.

Once the dragon is brought to the ground, Fra’nika and Mercaiden launch the airship and drop it on the dragon, pinning it, then Grae coup de gras the dragon.

You set up camp, skin the dragon, water the horses, and plan tp search for the mine the next day.

Flight to the Cairngorm Peaks

You dine with lady Bleth and during the meal, lady Bleth offers you her father’s old air ship, a contraption that he built with Nimozaran back before she was born. She heatd that it had flown, but she never saw it airborne herself.

The next morning she takes you to a barn outside the village that contains a workshop, alchemical lab, and an air ship.

You study Bleth’s notes and learn how to fill the bladder that keeps the ship aloft. You also find the power source to fly the ship and the arcane controls that raise, lower, and move the ship back and forth.

After a test flight, you load your horses, provisions from lady Bleth, and yourselves, and begin your flight. You cross the Winter River on the first day. You see barges carrying cut stone down river towards Fallcrest. When you pass over farmland, you see workers with overseers bringing in the harvest.

The bladder springs a leak near the end of the first day. Beandr finds some tree sap to seal the leak.

On the second day you reach the Cairngorm Peaks a range of low mountains. Just as you are looking for a place to land for the night, you see four objects travelling through the air towards you!

Traveling to Tingerwick

Mercaiden and Grae ride back to the Grey Stone Inn and meet with Lady Bleth. She is shocked by the death of her father and is disappointed that you do not have the Dragon’s Bane stone for her.

Grae tells Lady Bleth that the rest of the party died in the battle, but that Black Petal was killed, along with all of her host. She asks if you destroyed Black Petal’s phylactery and reveals that Black Petal is an ancient ancestor to the Bleth family named Anefsina.

Fra’Nika is shocked to learn of the death of the party, but Grae let’s her know it is only a ruse.

Lady Bleth asks that Grae and Mercaiden accompany her back to Tingerwick to guard her and to collect their reward for retrieving her father. She is unwilling to travel alone. Grae buys her a horse to carry her father and suggests that she find her own way back.

Grae and Mercaiden return to the Blood Tower with Fra’Nika and the party spend the night.

Mercaiden examines the medallion from Black Petal and determines that it is a powerful holy symbol with a curse upon it. The curse compromises the user, turning them evil. Sometimes causing them to attack their allies. The medallion also demands that the user extract a secret from an ally or an enemy.

Grae examines the Dragon’s Bane and discovers that it is an ancient artifact, a relic of the axe of Erek Hus, the primordial who cut Io in half and created Tiamat and Bahamut. The artifact gives the wielder power against dragons, and the greater the bond the wielder has with the artifact, the more power it grants.

The next morning the party spends the better part of the day searching the tower for Black Petal’s phylactery but are unsuccessful in locating it. More treasure is found, and Mercaiden find a small child’s necklace in the form of a black flower. She dons it.

After much deliberation, the party decides to head to Tingerwick, accompanying Lady Bleth. Lady Bleth pays the party the reward for retrieving her father, and her treasurer, Gunthar, takes the party to the town market, which is on the other side of a crossing into the Shadowfell. There, the party are able to sell the cursed amulet and buy anything that they can afford.

Black Petal and the Bloodtower of the Grey Downs

The next morning, leaving Fra’nika in the care of Lady Bleth at the inn, you set out for the Bloodtower. After riding for about an hour you see the tower north of the road, surrounded by fen and water that appears to be near the top of the first floor. The only door to the 96 foot tower is under water. The tower has a wide base and a narrow neck, topped by a large two storey chamber and a sloping roof.

You tie off the horses in the trees off the south side of the road, perform the water breathing ritual, then swim out to the tower to search for the entrance. You find it and swim into a large, dark chamber. You find stairs heading up and also a door leading to other chambers. Before ascending, you investigate the other chambers, finding old, rotted furniture and supplies. As you move further into this level, you discover a group of former kitchen staff and servants who have been changed into wailing ghouls. You dispatch the ghouls and then head up to the second level after finding no sign of the Dragons’ Bane.

The second floor is a library. The library has been ransacked and many choice tomes are missing. You take four tomes that you believe have resale value and also a scroll of Consult Mystic Sages. You use the scroll to determine that the Dragons’ Bane is a small crystal stone that has been worn historically in either a ring or a necklace. The stone has the power to turn away dragons.

You proceed to the third floor which you discover to be a necromancer’s laboratory, full of tools and tables for dissection and unnatural acts upon the body. This floor is also guarded by a Stench Ghoul, a Skull Lord, and eight Putrescent Zombies. You battle the undead creatures and destroy them.

The fourth floor contains a Sanctum devoted to Vecna as well as a priest’s office and a room used to store some unknown items that have recently been removed. The only evidence is marks on the floor where storage boxes once stood. Grae pillages a golden plate from the alter to Vecna.

The fifth floor of the tower contains only empty sleeping quarters for the former living inhabitants of the tower. It has all moldered and wasted away.

The sixth floor appears to be the private chambers of Black Petal. You give a cursory look over these chambers but do not find anything of value.

At first the seventh floor appears to be nothing but a storage area, then you find a secret door that leads to a chamber that contains three teleportation portals. Words are written on them in ancient runes. You decipher that one says Fallcrest, one says Nera, the lost ancient capital of the Nerath empire, and one has a proper name, but you do not recognize it.

On the eighth and final floor you discover Black Petal herself, along with three undead guardians. You quickly defeat the Boneclaw, but the Marrowshriek Skeletons prevent an easy victory. Black Petal unleashes her fire and necromantic powers against you, seeming to be about to defeat you. She is almost impossible to approach due to a zone of Spectral Tendrils that surround her and a teleportation portal.

Finally you wear her down and she attempts to flee through the portal but uttering the word “Vecna”. You pursue her through the portal and down the stairs, at last slaying her on the steps.

You search her but find no evidence of the Dragons’ Bane. You return to the eighth floor and investigate a sarcophagus which contains a body matching the description of Scarthrog Bleth, Lord of Tingerwick Keep. You determine that the Dragons’ Bane is inside his corpse, so you remove it, then perform Gentle Repose upon him.

Mercaiden takes and examines Black Petal’s Symbol of Power, determining that it has some sort of curse on it.

The Nen Ferry Crossing

After a night in the Mistborn Tower, you decide to leave the petrified Tobolor behind but take Hallabiri’s rucksack and the Book of Lore Regarding the Dragon Queen.

As you leave the tower, Fra’Nika falls through the floor into a cavern beneath the tower. Grae, Beandr, and Mercaiden crawl down after her. She is badly injured, having a badly broken leg and sword arm.

Beandr and Mercaiden explore a passage leading out of the waterfilled cavern. It seems other-worldly, not quite matching the rock of the cavern. In the tunnel are statues of adventurers, appearing to be frozen in motion. Beandr determines that they are more victims of a Medusa.

You haul Fra’Nika out on ropes and leave the drowning town of Fastormel behind.

When you reach the hills overlooking the Nen ferry you see that the dock has been fortified by a tower and a sharpened pole pallisade. The pallisade appears to be guarded by archers in the tower and two firebelchers by the dock.

Beandr approaches and requests passage but is rudely refused by the northmen guards.

The party works its way through the woods and prepares an ambush when the ferry returns from the far side. Grae teleports into the twoer and lights it on fire. This draws the ferry back across the river. You engage the archers, a dragonborn raider of the Red Hand and the firebelchers.

Grae manages to board the boat and take out the archers, only to be attacked by a fen hydra hiding in the weeds along the shore.

You all board the ferry and cross, leaving the hydra blinded.

After retrieving your horses, you sail down the river to avoid the ferry docks on the other side.

You land down river and scuttle the boat by making a slow leak and casting it off into the river flow.

It rains heavily as you make your way across the Grey Downs. You come to an old, poorly used road which you assume to be the Grey Road which traverses the Grey Downs from the Nen Ferry to the Winter Ferry.

From here you could take the road straight across to the Winter Ferry or Clun, or travel south to Ainderby, Tingerwick Keep, and The Fork. At the crossroad where you could head south or continue west you come to an inn called The Grey Stone Inn. As it is getting late and the rain worsens, you decide to stay at the inn.

The stable boy, Williem Greyson, stables your horses for you. Inside you meet Ondrie, his father, who is the innkeeper. He says with only two other guests staying at the inn, there are many rooms available. After settling in your rooms, you go to the common area for a meal. Only one of the two guests is present—a lone woman.

You strike up a conversation with her and learn that she is Lady Bleth of Tingerwick, and that her father Scarthrog Bleth, sworn bannerman of Lord Markelhay of Fallcrest, is lost at the Bloodtower. He had gone there in search of the legendary Dragonsbane, a stone that is purported to drive off dragonkind from any settlement that holds it. You know of the ancient legends that the Dragonsbane was taken by Black Petal, a sorceress and hidden away in her tower. You do not know whether Bloodtower is her fabled tower or not.

She is seeking adventurers to retrieve it for her since her own guards were killed on the road by northmen. She is willing to pay 340pp for the return of her father and the Dragonsbane.

She warns you that the land north of the Grey Road is sinking and the the entrance to the tower is now below water. She provides the party with a scroll of Water Breathing.

The Mutant Dragon and the Tower of Mist

You move in on the Tower of Mist looking for the dragon that Beandr is pursuing.

Outside the tower is a camp of dragonborn raiders and a group of reptilian hybrids who seem to be working for them. These hybrids are similar to the ones that you saw fishing earlier and whom you fought along with the giant eel-like reptile.

You surprise the dragonborn and their guards and take them out. Then a strange dragon emerges from a large pond near the tower. The dragon looks like a black dragon, but upon closer inspection you notice that it also has features of a bronze dragon and a definite bronze tinge to its black scales.

The dragon does not have the typical powers of a black, but rather has a mix of black and bronze dragon powers, including healing while under the water.

After you defeat the dragon, you explore the camp and find a stash of gold and platinum. On the body of the dragon you find an Eladrin Ring of Grace.

You investigate the tower that the dragon was guarding, and discover the body of Tobolor, turned to stone, Hallabiri’s backpack, and the book of the lore of the Dragon Queen, the book that Nimozaran originally sent you to find.


The Drowned Temple of Melora

You follow a black dragon into the drowning town of Fastormel. A town long in ruins.

The dragon lands behind a tower, disappearing from view.

The tower, known as the Mistborn tower is shrouded in mist.

As you approach the town, you see reptilian fisher folk fishing in the streets which are flooded, and the marshes that engulf the ruins.

To pass through the town and get to the tower, you must cross a shallow body of water. When you attempt to, you are attacked by reptilian humanoids with tridents, a giant humanoid reptilian/eel hybrid, and a giant eel.

You slay them all and continue moving towards the tower.


Hadzor and the Hill Giants

You set off down the road in pursuit of Jarcath who is no where in sight.

As you travel, you notice a human armed and in armor walking towards you. He hails you and tells you that he is heading to Ramsgate, over the Dawnforge Mountains, to participate in the gladiatorial games. He is surprised that you do not recognize him, as he claims to be a famous gladiator.

He tries to recruit you to join him and become gladiators.

Suddenly rocks rain down upon you and you realize this is a ruse, and he means to rob you. The party is attacked by a group of giants.

You fight them off, killing all, including Hadzor. You find gold, jewels, and other money is Hadzor’s pack totalling 4400gp.


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