Dragon Slayers Incorporated

The Drowned Temple of Melora

You follow a black dragon into the drowning town of Fastormel. A town long in ruins.

The dragon lands behind a tower, disappearing from view.

The tower, known as the Mistborn tower is shrouded in mist.

As you approach the town, you see reptilian fisher folk fishing in the streets which are flooded, and the marshes that engulf the ruins.

To pass through the town and get to the tower, you must cross a shallow body of water. When you attempt to, you are attacked by reptilian humanoids with tridents, a giant humanoid reptilian/eel hybrid, and a giant eel.

You slay them all and continue moving towards the tower.


Hadzor and the Hill Giants

You set off down the road in pursuit of Jarcath who is no where in sight.

As you travel, you notice a human armed and in armor walking towards you. He hails you and tells you that he is heading to Ramsgate, over the Dawnforge Mountains, to participate in the gladiatorial games. He is surprised that you do not recognize him, as he claims to be a famous gladiator.

He tries to recruit you to join him and become gladiators.

Suddenly rocks rain down upon you and you realize this is a ruse, and he means to rob you. The party is attacked by a group of giants.

You fight them off, killing all, including Hadzor. You find gold, jewels, and other money is Hadzor’s pack totalling 4400gp.

Saruun and Paldemar

Saruun and Paldemar are two wizards who seem to be competing to capture you.

Saruun leads two creatures that appear to be an amalgamation between humans and drakes, while Paldemar leads a band of ogres.

You destroy both parties. During the skirmish, Jarcath moves on.

Searching the bodies, you find 2000gp in gems, but little else in the way of clues.

You also notice shallow graves in the area, one of which contains the body of a giant. It looks like it has been buried for a couple of years.

Journey From Five League House

In the morning, Mercaiden awakes to find Hallabiri has gone, left a note, and her share of the treasure from Hammerfast. The notes simply says: I have to leave. I’m sorry.

At breakfast, the soldiers have gone. The tiefling gambler tries to get you to join him in a game of three dragon-ante to gamble for the gold that Mercaiden placed on the table, as well as any magic items you might want to ante up. Grae beats him in a battle of wits and without saying so much, implies that he’d better leave you alone or face trouble.

You head out on the road with the six horses that you procured from Barton. After a day’s ride you stop for the night near Lake Nen. During watch, Tanharath hears another camper nearby. On her watch, Mercaiden investigates, and encounters a dragonborn wizard.

Conferring in the morning with the party, you determine that this person is likely a practitioner of elemental magic. Investigating his campsite you find him gone, but later in the morning encounter him walking on the road.

His name is Jarcath. He is an elemental wizard from the Elemental Chaos. He is working with Nimozaran and other wizards to stop a series of Far Realm incursions. He is travelling to Fallcrest to deal with the one in Nimozaran’s tower since Nimozaran is indisposed, and Tobolor cannot handle it all alone.

He tries to convince you to join him and to forget about dragons and cults and empires. He believes that empires come and go, but if the far realm is not stopped, all the world will be lost.

Fra’Nika and Baaki think that the party should stick to its original plan of freeing the Orcs and raising an army against Infernus. Grae and Mercaiden are inclined to join Jarcath. Tanharath is neutral.

Mercaiden performs a sending to Amon to find out the status of Fallcrest. He informs you that the fortress is lost but that he can investigate whether or not there are alternate ways to enter Fallcrest without passing through guarded gates.

As Mercaiden completes the sending, from the front a wizard appears over a hilltop with a group of what appear to be humanoids grafted onto the bodies of drakes like some kind of reptilian centaurs, and from behind another wizard appears with a group of ogres. Both proclaim that they have come to capture you!

Return to Hammerfast

You make your way into Hammerfast. The place seems deserted. Much of the fungus has died off or been cut back. You begin your search for Gimlan and Finnick. Eventually you find signs of occupation. Foottracks lead you to recently occupied barracks and dining areas. You find evidence that dwarves are again occupying Hammerfast.

You track the dwarven movements to both the forges and the throne room. You decide to investigate the throne room first.

When you enter, an ambush awaits you. You face dwarven archers and the wrath of Finnick the Arcanist, sitting upon the throne of Ourun.

Gimlan is covered in fungus and attacks you not only with her great cutlass, but also a blast of fungal spores. She eats fungus from her arm to revitalize herself.

In the middle of the fight, Grae walks in, seemingly from no where, to join the fray.

You finally wipe out all the dwarves and toss their bodies into the pit that seems to have opened in the room since you were last here.

A search of the room reveals treasure and a magical shield. Coins in the treasure appear to have been minted in Forgehome, Hammerfast, and Fallcrest.

You search the dragon lair. It is empty, cleaned of treasure, and the dragon gone. You find a circle of runes that has been partially erased.

You trace a path that leads up to the mountain side—an escape route from the King’s Chambers. You travel back down into Hammerfast, then rejoin Fra’Nika and Lutun.

Fra’Nika is overjoyed to be reunited with Grae.

You leave the mountains and make your way to Five League House. You inquire about rooms and horses. Barton sells you rooms and says he’ll have horses for you in the morning.

In the dining hall, there is a dragonborn and 6 northmen sitting in the corner. A tiefling invites you to a game of three-dragon ante.

Travelling to Hammerfast

After parting ways with Uinan, you make your way across country about 7 miles to the White River. As you approach the river, you realize that Grae is not with you.

Hallabiri retraces your steps and notes that Grae’s foot tracks end at a puddle. Looking into the puddle she sees a bright purple light receding as if into a great distance. She tries to step in after it, but the portal is gone.

You want to cross the river, but you know that the ferry will be guarded, and that is probably where the loads of lumber that were passing through Harkenwald are being taken. The river is too wide and deep to swim.

You notice some fishers and decide to barter for boat passage across the river. At first the fishers are wary of you, but eventually you convince them that you are here to remove the threat of the Red Hand and the Northmen. You offer to help bring in the lines and nets, hang fish to dry, and untangle gear.

Tanharath meditates by the river and watches for trouble.

An Orc notices Baaki’s spear of Uruk and tells of enslaved Orc brothers in the Stonemarch being forced to mine for the “dragonborns”.

As a barge passes, a gnome begins calling to Baaki. He scrambles on top of the load but is whipped and falls into the water. Crossbowmen take aim at him, but Mercaiden kills several of them before the boat is out of reach.

The gnome turns out to be Luton, Baaki’s uncle. He tells Baaki that her father is working in an open pit tin mine near the Witchlight Fens while her mother is working as a servant in the house of a wealthy person in Fallcrest.

You take a boat across the river, faking an assault on the boat owner so that they are not culpable for your escape should anyone learn of it.

You march the rest of the day, then convince a family of shepherds of your good will and sleep at their sheep ranch.

You travel the next day up to the Trade Road then head towards Hammerfast. You encounter a wagon train with 12 drivers and 12 guards. You convince the drivers and guards that you work for the dragon and that they are to abandon the wagons.

You search one of the wagons and find that it contains only ore.

When you arrive at Hammerfast, you find Ourun’s head on a pike and the doors broken down.

You make another sending to Finnick and are told they are waiting for you inside.


Your tout, Kylie Devilsworn, finds a portal for you that leads to Harkenwald, two days journey South West of Hammerfast.

The portal brings you to a temple of Corellon which is boarded up. Upon inspecting the temple, you find that a funeral had been in preparation at the time the temple was looted, desecrated, and boarded up.

You open the coffin and find the body of an elven warrior, Finguay of Harkenwood, prepared for burial in his armor. His body has been preserved by the Gentle Repose ritual. Mercaiden takes his bow, Dragon Slayer, and Hallabiri takes his hide leather Elven Battle Armor. You also find about 1000gp.

You leave the temple and explore the town. It appears to be under the control of The Red Hand.

Slaves of many races, including elves, humans, gnomes, tieflings, and orcs are hauling lumber through the town.

The only town gate not sealed is heavily guarded, and every wagon load of lumber and every person is being inspected before they can pass out of the gate.

You decide that Baaki will destroy one of the other gate portcullises, and you will escape that way. Upon leaving the town, Uinan announces that she wishes to return to Harkenwood to rejoin her people.

Market in the City Of Doors

You arrive in the City of Doors through an ornate arch in a courtyard.

You notice a cloaked figure watching you from the shadows as you begin to head towards the market district, known as the Grand Bazaar.

As you pass the Temple of Melora, Mercaiden decides to go in and look for someone to provide guidance. She talks to some people who are lined up to cross over to the Astral Sea to Melora’s realm.

On your way out you notice a hooded woman crying. Mercaiden approaches her and discovers Uinan, the Priestess of Melora you last encountered near Nenlast. Uinan is not only a priest of Melora from Winterbole Forest, but also one of Mercaiden’s aunts.

Uinan has just been to visit with Melora to petition for help against the agents of Tiamat who have overrun the Nentir Vale. The gods have no interest in interfering in the affairs of the people of the natural world. They will support their champions, clerics, and priests, but will not directly affect the outcome of events.

Uinan reports on what has happened in the Nentir Vale since the party last saw her almost a month before:

  • Winterbole is now completely overrun with northmen, dragonborn, ogres, and trolls
  • The temples to Melora, Sahanine, and Corellon have been torn down or desecrated. Worshippers of Tiamat now use the temples.
  • All elves of Winterbole who were not able to escape to Harken Forest have been enslaved along with the humans, gnomes, tieflings, dwarves and half orcs.
  • Farmers now work their own farms as slaves to invaders.
  • Winterbole is being cut down, and all the wood is being floated south along the Winter River and the Nentir River.
  • A volcano has arisen next to Fallcrest and a great red dragon rules the valley.

Uinan reports that the portal in the Temple of Melora in Winterbole is now in the control of the Red Hand.

Uinan knows of rooms that the party can get in The Grand Bazaar. She is reluctant to accompany them, but you convince her to do so.

As you head for the Grand Bazaar, you notice the cloaked figure again. Grae confronts him, and he calls a group of demons and ogres to surround you and take you down. He accuses you of working for Ihab Rahim.

You fight them and kill them all. Searching the body of the summoner, you find 7000gp and a pair of Winged Boots.

You quickly leave the body behind and head to your Inn, the Warleggin.

The innkeeper, a Kenku trades rooms for some of Grae’s Icewine.

As you sit down to your meal, Grae approaches an old dwarf in the dining hall. He tells the story of waiting for his son, a fellow prospector. The innkeeper informs you that Rudge has been waiting for his son, Budge, for about 45 years. He arrived at the Inn when her father ran it.

The party also notes an eccentric dragonborn, wearing a turban and fancy robes. The innkeeper informs you that he is a carpet salesman of some sort.

While you are eating your meal, a group called The Sons of Mercy, lead by Arwell Swanson, arrives and questions you about the altercation. You determine that he represents the local constabulary, but that they have no real authority. They are curious about the summoned demons and are suspicious that you are in some way involved in bringing them. They post a guard to watch you.

You ask the innkeeper about hiring a tout to help you locate a portal. She recommends one named Kylie Devilsworn, a young tiefling, about 16 years old, who will help you for 100gp/day, and 500gp to find a specific portal.

You inform her that you are looking for portals to the Nentir Vale, specifically to Fiveleague House, Hammerfast, Nenlast, or Harkenwald.

Guards of the Choking Palace

Ihab Rahim’s teleportation ritual takes you to the realm of Fume. You arrive at the Choking Palace.

You find yourself in a dark room. The room is empty save for a large carpet on the floor. It looks like this was once a dining area based on the marks in the carpet. By the austere nature of the room, you deduce that this might have been an eating area for servants.

As you explore, you discover that beyond is a large hallway with other rooms connecting to it.

A grand staircase rises from large brass doors that look like the main doors to the building.

At either end of the entry hallway are large windows. The vaulted ceiling of the main hall is held up by 12 pyroxene columns.

There is an odour of old books and parchments.

As you explore, you encounter a pair of Firelashers who attack you and try to drive you out or kill you. Meanwhile, Grae discovers an odd room full of orbs. When he interacts with the orbs, he sees books within. Grae later realizes that the orbs are a catalog of the holdings of the library, grouped by area of inquiry. The orb room is guarded by a cloud of elemental steam that tries to drive away anyone who enters.

When you reach the far side of the library, a Tempest Wisp, a living swirl of elemental wind attacks, raising some of you high into the air and then dropping you down hard on the ground. The Wisp seems bent on preventing you from entering the study.

Fighting back against the Wisp draws out a large floating head with large, sharp teeth and one large central eye. The mosnter also has other, smaller eyes on stocks. The large eye seems to make you vulnerable to fire, and several of the stocks attack you with fire. Once Baaki pins down the monster, it is no longer able to make its ranged attacks and, instead, resorts to trhing to bite Baaki.

Once the monsters are all defeated, Grae goes back to the orb room and searches until he learns the location of the Mythos of Vecna book. Meanwhile, the other party members search the book shelves and desks for the book, but cannot locate it. Grae finally locates the book in a storage room where crates of fine wine, cognac, and icewine are stored.

All the party resist the urge to open the book. Mercaiden performs the teleportation ritual, and you are returned to Ihad Rahim’s palace in the City of Brass.

Rahim is so pleased with your work that he invites you to stay for dinner and rest before going on your way to the city of doors.

During your meal you ask him many questions. He provides you with the folllowing information about the City of Doors.

The City of Brass

You visit the markets of the City of Brass. In the Iskalat Port District you sell the Ship for 20,000gp. You then proceed to the Marlgate Warehouse District to sell the trade goods for 9,000gp.

In the Keffinspires district, some of you negotiate the buying and selling of magic Items.

Some of you might have gone to the Avencina district to buy or selling non-magic Items from Street vendors.

After securing a room at an inn, you set out to find a portal. At a tavern you contact an Efreet who know Ihab Rahim, an Efreet Cinderlord who lives in The Plume district.

The tavern owner informs you that you must first contact Lord Rahim by letter, introducing yourselves to him and expressing why you want to access his portal.You must also pay a bribe of 1000gp to have your letter carried to him.

You hear back from Ihab Rahim that he will meet with you in the morning. He will send a carriage for you. The tavern owner cautions you that you still must convince Ihab Rahim that you are worthy to use his portal to Sigil.

Fra’Nika provides you with the following information about Efreets:

  • Failure at negotiation might still get us what we want, but it will cost us more.
  • Angering the Efreet might result in being banished from the City of Brass
  • Efreets are vain and like to know that their reputation or the reputation of their family is well known in the universe. They like to hear stories about themselves or their ancestors
  • Efreets are intelligent and some are deceptive
  • Efreets expect proper deference to their position; anyone who is not humble enough might turn the Efreet against the party
  • Efreets are very difficult to intimidate—especially if they are of a higher level of power than the party; they might be impressed by your greatest exploit, but not more than once
  • Efreets like to be entertained by lesser beings. Shows of strength, skill, and magic might earn us favour

After a meeting with Lord Rahim during which he asks you many questions about your skills and abilities he says: "You impress me! I will aid you by waiving my usual 5000gp fee. I request only that you complete a small favour for me. While doing so, you may keep any treasure that you find.

“There is a book that I require for my library, but it is in the possession of one of my enemies, Ehkahk, the Smouldering Duke. I cannot possibly go to his palace and obtain it for myself without restarting the feud between his family and mine.

“Go to the Choking Palace, it is well guarded, but you have convinced me that you are capable adventurers. You should have no trouble getting past them. Once inside, make your way to his library and obtain for me “The Mythos of Vecna”. The book has a curse on it, so do not open it. Just bring it back to me and I will send you on your way before Ehkahk knows what has happened.

“He happens to be away at this time. He often travels in search of great tomes to add to his library.”

He hands you a ritual scroll and a bag of components. He says: “This ritual will allow you to create a teleportation portal that will bring you and the book back to me when you are done. It will not work if you do not have the book in your possession.”


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