Dragon Slayers Incorporated


Dr. Carrion discovers that he can sense the presence of a dragon when he holds the medallion worn by Palehorn. Unfortunately, he also realized that the dragon is aware of him. Reading the inscription on the medallion, Amon find a name, Brunfax, and two words: air & sand.

After leaving Palehorn’s chamber you follow the wooden medallion through the caverns until you come upon a guarded chamber. The sounds from within sound like fighting. You take out the guards and enter the room to discover that some goblins, along with two skeletons and two orcs are having some sport with a dragonborn and a human.

The human, clad in the garb of a guard or soldier of El Shalal, is dead on the floor. The dragonborn is tethered to a pole and is fighting for his life against very high odds.

You quickly even the odds and take down the goblins and their allies.

The dragonborn, Imgodid, is not too forthcoming about why he is in the caverns, but he is very grateful for your aid and pledges his swords to your cause.

Some investigation of the room leads to a secret door that opens to a chamber. Along the back wall of the chamber is a glowing fountain in the form of the face of a demon. Water pours from the demon’s mouth into a jewel filled pool.


After your rest, you press onward and come to a locked and trapped door. Tampering with the door triggers a blade trap and awakens a skeleton warrior which you quickly dispatch. After disabling the trap with Breena’s spear and opening the doors you find a treasure chest. Grae rushes over to it, only to be fired upon by a couple of goblin archers. After killing the archers and obtaining the treasure you notice laughing noises coming from behind locked doors you open the doors and discover an albino goblin with the tattoo of a bull on his face.

This is Palehorn, the being that you have been hearing about since your arrival in these caves.

Palehorn is no ordinary goblin. He has many great an unusual powers, including the ability to raise a vortex of sand the ensnare and blind you, a wave of sand to blast your face, and even a breath of sand to push you back and knock you down.

Palehorm stands atop a glowing red platform that you soon discover enhances the damage one receives while standing on the glowing stonework. Palehorn also takes the extra damage, but he is tough.

As the battle begins to turn in your favour, another goblin in the room calls in some orcs and together they try to remove two treasure chests before you can get to them. Acting quickly, the team rallies to kill the orcs and the goblin and finally bring down the mighty Palehorn.

No rest for the weary

After freeing the demon, you try to seal the room to take an extended rest, despite the early hour. Unfortunately, your activities in previous areas of the caves has been discovered, and you hear the approach of something big, along with several grunting voices.

At the same time, someone is banging at the other door to the room and shouting in giant.

You open that door and surprise two orcs who seem to be expecting to talk to the orc that you had found dead in the room earlier. You attack the two orcs. At the same moment, a large dire boar comes crashing against the barrier that you have laid across the entrance doorway. It makes a spectacular leap and clears the barrier after some prodding from two more orcs behind it—one of whom also makes it into the room. The other orc is not such a good climber and is not able to clear the barrier.

The orcs and boar try to pin you down, but you continue to move them around the room as you hatch a plan to trap them in the room and bomb them with the poison gas canister that Grae freed from one of the chests in the room.

Another orc arrives. Unlike his axe wielding friends, this one carries only a club. Perhaps this is his first battle—sadly, it is also his last. You down him before he is even able to swing his club.

After taking a few good hits, you manage to knock down all the enemies in the room and escape. Dr. Carrion uses Mage Hand to trigger the canister while the rest close the door and seal the room.

The canister contains a sleeping gas that also poisons its victims. You estimate that the orcs and the boar will be out for at least 6 hours.

You really need a place to recover. Amon uses his dungeoneering skills to find a small side passage that lead to a small, defensible chamber where you are able to hide, heal your wounds, and get an extended rest.

Bezenthal: And the Dead Shall Rise

After a short rest in the chamber where you encountered and killed the harpy, you begin again to explore the corridors, seeking for the liar of the rumored dragon.

You encounter a small chamber filled with fog. The fog turns out to be from warm outside air that is entering the cave and being chilled by a pond of icy cold water that blocks your path. Dr. Carrion uses Mage Hand to place pitons in the wall along the edge of the pond. Unfortunatley, both Grae and Mercaiden fall into the cold water.

Pressing deeper, you discover a crypt with four stone coffins, one of them smashed.

The room is lit by a red glowing gem on an alter. The three intact coffins also glow faintly with the same red light. The body of an orc lies before the alter. There are two treasure chests in the room. The first chest is unlocked. It contains 170gp. The second chest is locked and trapped. Grae disables the trap and takes the poison gas canister. The second chest is empty.

Opening the second chest triggers several events. The gem glows brightly and the orc rises as a Zombie while three skeletons appear atop the intact coffins. The monsters attack while the gem fires some sort of ray. The more skeletons that are destroyed, the more that rise up to replace them.

Finally the gem is destroyed and a voice is heard crying as the light from the gem fades: “Bezenthal is coming!! I am freeeeeee….”

Despite the hour being early, you decide to rest and recover from the battle. There are two entrances to the chamber. A locked door and the open archway that you used to enter the room.

The Treasure Robbers and the Bird Lady

You return to the cave. Fortunately your incursion was not detected. There appears to be two directions that you can go. When you fought the goblins here, they came from both directions. You listen carefully and hear some sounds in the distance to the left. To the right you hear nothing. You go right and soon discover a guardroom where the goblins who attacked you probably lived. There was a cistern there collecting ground water.

You continue to the right for about 90 minutes until you discover a deep underground lake. Surprisingly, the water is icy cold. So cold, that you fear that if you entered it you would take damage.

Seeing no way around or through the lake, you head back the way you came. When you arrive at the entrance you see evidence that something was recently dragged into the caves and taken down to the left.

Following the trail you discover some goblins with treasure chests trying to get them open. You attack them and soon find yourselves in a fight with an orc who seems to be the boss of this raiding party.

You kill all but one goblin who gives you some confused information about their bigger boss, cowface, whom you later learn is called Palehorn. Palehorn has told Gorg the orc to get rid of the “bird lady”.

The whole time that you have been battling the goblins and orc, you have been hearing some singing coming from the next room.

You open the doors and discover a harpy in the room. She tries to lure you to your doom with her song and almost succeeds in doing so, but then Mercaiden and Breena set up the perfect 1-2 combo to take her down.

In the treasure chests, one of which is trapped, you find 40gp, a healing potion, and a Cloak of Resistance (which seems to be a perfect fit for Dr. Carrion).

El Shalal

You teleport from Nimozaran’s tower to the desert regions of El Shalal.

The Wizard Galheed greets you and give you a map that guides you to the town of El Shalal. There you meet Ag-abar the Sultan of the region. He promises you 2000gp to rid the region of the menace that everyone presumes is a dragon.

Ag-abar directs you to a cave where goblins have been seen coming and going.

Upon entering the cave you are ambushed by some goblins whom you dispatch quickly.

One of the Goblins is wearing a medallion of El Shalal that has a picture of Sultan Ag-abar on it.

It has been a long and eventful day, so you decide to find a nearby cave and take an extended rest.

Return to Fallcrest

Lord Markelhay and Lord Padraig: Well done! We owe you a debt of gratitude! Here is the 1500gp that we promised you as a reward! We did not expect you to slay a dragon!

The town wishes to hold a party in your honour at the Blue Moon Alehouse! Par Winomer is your host!

Come and enjoy the finest brews in the Nentir Vale—Brewmaster Kemara Brownbottle, a halfling of great renown, has broken open his special keg of Halfling Bitter to celebrate.

At the party you are approached by a very old man dressed in green robes. He introduces himself:

“I am Nimozaran the Green, the High Septarch of Fallcrest. I have been waiting many years for Dragon Slayers such as yourselves to come to Fallcrest. Please come to see me in the Septarch’s Tower tomorrow after you have slept off your drink. I have a proposition for you that will be mutually beneficial. For now, I bid you goodnight and allow you to return to your party.”

If you go to visit Nimozaran, he greets you and invites you to join him for a meal.

In his lab he shows you his teleportation circle. He teaches tDr. Carion the Linked Portal ritual.

“I have been searching for decades for heroes who are not afraid to tackle dragons. A plague of dragons is spreading across the natural world and all the other realms. I do not know what is behind this plague, but mages from all lands are working together to stop it.”

“I propose that I send you out by using my teleportation circle to different lands where we mages have discovered dragons. You slay the dragons and take their horde. All I ask is 10 percent of the horde and I will continue to provide you with the location of known dragons that you should be able to defeat with your combined prowess.”

“The town of El Shalal, far to the south in the desert regions is losing people and treasure to a creature that we believe is a dragon. I will send you to the Wizard Galheed. He can direct you to the cave where he believes the dragon is lairing.”

The White Dragon

After an extended rest you discover a secret door in an alcove. You open the door and work your way down a dark passage. Ahead it gets colder and you think you hear breathing.

You enter a large chamber and toss in your sun rods. Immediately you are attacked by the dragon that the kobolds had referred to as Szartharrax, a female white dragon.

You battle with her, and despite the early damage that she does to you, in the end you are able to keep her pinned down and manage to slay her. You cut off her head to take back to Fallcrest.

Beneath the ice you find some treasures.


  • 2 Healing Potions
  • 1 Large gem 100gp
  • 60gp
  • Level 5 Breach Braces (AV1 p. 116) — Breena
  • Level 4 Cloak of Distortion (AV1 p. 151) — Grae
  • Level 2 Symbol of Life (PHB p. 237) — Mercaiden

Encounter XP = 750 (150 ea.)

The Second Wyrmpriest

In the next chamber, the kobolds have a trap for you. While the slingers, dragon shields, and the wyrmpriest stay out of the way on top of platforms, a huge boulder is released into the room. It is designed to roll around the room and crush anyone who tries to pass through the room or attack the wyrmpriest.

Dr. Carion saves the day by pulling all the kobolds down into the path of the boulder.

You use the room where the slingers were hiding to take an extended rest.


Level 3 Orb of Inevitable Continuance (PHB p. 238) — Amon

Encounter XP = 850 (170 ea.)


After recuperating from the dart traps in the tomb you make your way to another family tomb beneath the old ruined manor.

To your surprise, you discover a group of kobolds engaged in one of their favourite games—Skull-Skull. They stand on a platform and swing a skull tied to a rope that is anchored to the ceiling above a sludge pit. The skull is covered in sticky sludge. The object of the game is to hit another skull that is mounted on a sarcophagus beside the sludge pit and get the skulls to stick together. The winner is the kobold who picks up the most skulls.

When you enter the room you become the target of the skull-skull game.

You successfully defeat the kobolds, but their pet Guard Drakes give you some serious trouble.


1 Ruby 50gp
2 garnets 25gp each
(40gp ea.)

Encounter XP = 650 (130 ea.)


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