Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Northmen Invaders move East

After realizing that Northmen will be in your path if you continue along the North lake road, you decide to turn back and head to Deep Pines in hopes of activating the teleportation circle by contacting Nimozaran and asking him to open it from his end in the Septarch’s tower. You believe this is your only chance to get to Fallcrest before the Chieftain carrying the book gets there.

During your travels Eastward, you are passed by troops of Northmen heading, presumably, for Nenlast. You try to hide from a second group, but they become aware of you. Before they can attack you, you surprise them and wipe them out.

You gain three horses.

Baaki finds a strange key on the body of the leader of the Northmen troop.

Temple of Transformation

As you pass along the road heading West, you come to a ruined temple in which you discover a lizardfolk priest of some kind who is the most transformed lizardfolk that you have yet met. He has the most pronounced draconic features.

WIth him are four red dragon wyrmlings who fight vigorously to defend the temple and the priest. You successfully kill the priest, but when two of the dragons are bloodied, they flee to the roof. When the other two are bloodied, they surrender.

You intimidate them into telling you that their mother is in Fallcrest and that the chieftain is already almost a week ahead of you on the North lake road.

In your investigations of the temple, you discover that the glowing red altar in the middle, covered in spent ritual components, is the site of the draconic transformations that you have witnessed. You desecrate the altar and destroy any remaining ritual components.

You also learn that Northmen are swarming South again with mother dragon, only this time they are pushing their attack Eastward as well as Southward, targeting Winterhaven, Fallcrest, the Winterbole forest, and Nenlast.

Nenlast, The Village of the Lizardfolk, and Travelling West

Breena and the Rage Drake cannot be brought back to life, but Uinan, the Priestess of Melora, is able to raise Hallabiri from the dead.

Uinan is a travelling priest. She is an elf from Winterbole Forest who knows Mercaiden. When the party meets her, she confronts Mercaiden about leaving her people to live among the humans in Fallcrest. She suggests abandoning Avandra and following Melora instead in order to rediscover her elf roots.

Uinan tells of seeing a dragon flying out over Lake Nenlast a few days prior.

Baaki, a half-orc barbarian and foster sister to Breena, arrives in Nenlast seeking Breena after having a dream that Breena was in trouble. She joins the party to seek justice for the death of her foster sister.

The party decides to hire a boat to sail to the village of the lizard folk, which is about 2 days away overland or half a day by boat. When you arrive there you are told that the lizard folk chieftain who took Hallabiri’s backpack, containing the book that Nimozaran sent Tobolor to fetch, is not in the village, but is heading west along the North shore of the lake towards Winterbole forest. You see no evidence of soldiers or other threats in the lizardfolk village

To avoid a storm, you sail the boat into a safe harbour, then walk from there West in pursuit of the chieftain.

During your travels you see what appear to be small dragons spying on you in the forest at night and in the air above you during the day. You also see one of them fly to the lizardfolk village. During the nights, Grae behaves strangely, seeming to sleep walk.

Disaster at Nenlast Downs

Tanarath knows of a tracker, Arabast, who lives in the woods nearby who could help you find Tobolor and the Abbot, Black Eagle. A half-day’s walk into the woods brings you to his hunting camp. Arabast welcomes you to his camp and agrees to help you seek Tobolor and the Abbot.

During the night, Hallabiri has an encounter with what appears to be lizard folk, far from where they normally travel, seemingly watching them. The next day, Arabast mentions that the lizard folk have been acting strangely of late and there are rumours coming out of Nenlast that a dragon has been spotted flying over Lake Nen.

You return to Deep Pines. The party spends some time helping out at Deep Pines while Tanarath and Arabast begin tracking. Mercaiden learns some new spells from the town arcanist, Manillel.

Arabast finds traces of Tobolor’s little halfling feet and evidence of a chase and capture by dragonborn soldiers. The Abbot is found safe. He had fled the monastery with precious relics and other items to keep them from falling into the hands of the dragonborn. He claims not to have seen Tobolor at all, which does not seem to agree with the message sent to Nimozaran by Tobolor.

Black Eagle will send monks to track Tobolor. He charges Tanarath with ensuring that the book reaches Nimozaran safely.

The party heads south, making for Nenlast, and hopes to reach the King’s Road within a few days and from there decide whether to investigate Hammerfast, or travel with all speed to Fallcrest.

Nearing the town you notice a group of lizard folk tracking along through the downs, just west of the road. When they notice you, they turn quickly and charge. All of these lizard folk seem to be strangely altered. They have distinctly draconic features overprinting their own faces, and a red colour seems to be spreading down from their faces and onto their shoulders.

This group of lizard folk, three soldiers, a huge mounted brute, and one they refer to as the Chieftain, are far more powerful than any lizard folk that you have heard of before. All of them appear to have some dragon powers, including fire breath and frightful presence.

Though you fight valiantly, luck appears to favour the lizard folk as their attacks are more accurate and their damage more devastating. Though they suffer heavy loss themselves, the lizard folk ultimately triumph, and the Chieftain takes the haversack containing the book from the dead body of Hallabiri.

All of the surviving party are severely injured, and Breena, Hallabiri, and the Rage Drake are dead.

A local farming bringing goods to town finds the party and offers to transport you to Nenlast. He says that Uinan, the Priestess of Melora, will be able to help with healing and raising the dead, and also tells them that they must report this incident to Joachin, the Prince of Nenlast.

Trouble at the Fists of Zuoken Monastery

You return to Fallcrest from the Far Realm and spend time recuperating and restocking your supplies. Grae checks on his investment. HIs initial 1000gp has grown to 1100gp. He decides to reinvest the money. Orest Naerumar offers an additional 5% if Grae will bring him news of the dwarves at Hammerfast. There have been no caravans coming for weeks. There are many orders of cut-stone that have not been fulfilled, and Lord Markelhay is anxious to finish the repairs to the damage caused by the green dragon. There is also an order of weapons for the town guard that is long overdue.

After spending some time in the town of Fallcrest, Nimozaran contacts you to tell you that Tobolor was sent to the Fists of Zuoken Monastery in the northern Dawnforge Mountains, north of Nenlast, about a week’s journey north of Hammerfast.

Tobolor was sent to retrieve a book from the Fists of Zuoken Library of Knowledge. Nimozaran cannot say the name of the book aloud, but he makes a drawing of the symbol on the cover which you recognize as pertaining to the Dragon Queen. Tobolor sent a message back, soon after his arrival that the monastery was under attack by Dragonborn.

He transports you to the village of Deep Pines. When you arrive there, the village has been burned to the ground and no survivors are seen.

You make the half-day long trek up the mountain trail. On your way up you encounter a monk named Tanharath who is descending the mountain to get help from the village militia in turning back an attack by dragonborn who bear a mark of a red hand upon their armour. You offer to help him, so he leads you back up the mountain to the monastery.

When you arrive you see that the gates have been breached. The field is littered with the bodies of both monks and dragonborn soldiers.

You tell Tanharath about your quest to retrieve the book from the library, so he sneaks you into the monastery through a secret entrance. As you work your way through the halls and corridors, you encounter more monk and dragonborn bodies.

When you enter the library vestibule, you find it guarded by three dragonborn bearing tratnyrs. You slay them then climb the stairs to the library. In the library there are four more dragonborn, including a Gladiator of Tiamat and one that they refer to as the Commandant.

It seems that they are here seeking the same book that you are. You slay them and retrieve the book.

After the battle, monks return to the monastery and begin to secure it once more.

Tanharath offers to help you take the book back to Nimozaran.

There is no sign of Tobolor, and none of the monks recall seeing him. It is possible that the monastery was already under attack when he arrived and so he never went inside to ask for the book.

Then you learn that the Abbott is also missing. Perhaps they have left together?

You take an extended rest back near the burned village while you decide what to do next:

1. Find Tobolor and the Abbott
2. Find out what is happening at Hammerfast
3. Go to Forgehome to deal with the purple dragon
4. Return the book to Nimozaran

Battle with the Brown Ones and Journey to the Far Realm

The Brown Ones ambush the party.

The party receives the blessing of Bahamut.

The party tries to prevent the Far Realm from entering Fallcrest.

A Visit to the Septarch's Tower

The party secures their quarters in the old Moonstone Keep. Markelhay sends workers to reestore the damaged gates and the roof of the training arena.

Amon enters a period of meditation upon the mysteries of life and so decides to remain in the Keep for the time being.

The party heads to Fallcrest to answer Nimozaran’s summons. Grae goes on ahead to get the word on the street about the current market conditions and investment opportunities. He learns that he should seek out a merchant named Orest Naerumar.

Along the road to Fallcrest the party meets a shifter named Bengal of Clan Razorclaw. He is a former denizen of the Feywild who has lived in the Nentir Valley for the last 20 years after accidentally crossing into the natural world. He has been enjoying the recent influx of kobold, green “devils” (the Abishai), and the soldiers from the Northern armies as it has given him more monsters to hunt. He says that he witnessed the party’s attack on the roadblock and then followed them to Fallcrest where he witnessed their assault on the old keep. He asks if he can join their “hunting” party. The party agrees to allow him to join.

When the rest of the party arrive at Fallcrest they run into Grae who is on his way to Naerumar Imports. Since it is on the ay to the Septarch’s tower, they all stop in. Grae invests 1000gp of his money in caravans that are bringing raw materials to be used for making arms and armour for the town militia. He hopes to get his money back plus 10% of the profits.

While Grae is negotiating his deal, Breena overhears mutterings about people in black raiding communities and selling their ill-gotten gains outside the Fallcrest gates. These people are said to be abnormally thirsty and are very attracted to water.

The party heads to the Septarch’s tower. When they arrive, it seems unnaturally quiet. Nimozaran lets them in. When they arrive in his chamber they note that he is tired and worried looking. He speaks of disturbing dreams—invading dreams. He sees eyes and hears voices.

Hallabiri inquires after Gerdis of Forgehome, cleric of Moradin and Nimozaran’s acquaintance. Nimozzaran says that he has not heard from anyone in Forgehome since the party left there.

Grae mentions that he too has been having disturbing dreams and asks if Nimozaran has been recording his dreams. Nimozaran has and presents Grae with a large tome in which he has written down his dreams. Despite his obvious frailty, Nimozaran has no problem lifting the book, but when he passes it to Grae, he can barely lift it.

Grae reads of Nimozaran’s dreams of the void and of strange formless shapes.

Suddenly Nimozaran cries out “The Wards are Failing” and grips his head in a daze. Grae determines that the wards are to keep out extraplanar incursions.

The walls appear to melt and very warped kobolds appear. Their features shift and move about. They seem to be twisted. Grae determines that they have a condition that twists lifeforms and allows madness to take over.

The party defeats the invaders and everything returns to normal. Nimozaran has no memory of the encounter. He tells us that there are invaders in the city who are seeking us. They are servants of the “Dark Goddess” (probably Tiamat, Goddess of greed, who never lets an insult go unpunished).

After asking too many questions, Nimozaran teleports the party out of the tower and informs them that he will contact them soon.

The party are suspicious of Nimozaran’s apprentice who is said to be in the catacombs of the tower. The party seek for an entrance but are not able to locate one.

They search the town for the people in black, then put the word out that they will meet them along the road north of town near a well known rocky outcrop and that they are looking to buy the goods that the people are selling.

They camp on the rocky outcrop at a spot that Bengal knows. They gather food which Grae unfortunately spoils. Bengal goes out to hunt a meal for Breena’s rage drake when he is ambushed by the people in black. They approach him to attack claiming that they are seeking revenge for the Brown One in the Place of Sand. Bengal has no idea what they are talking about, but sensing his peril, he shoots a Blazing Flame arrow into the air as a signal to the party that he is in peril. Akira has already sensed the attack and is moving towards the attackers. The party is about 300 feet from Bengal with nothing but difficult terrain between them.

Return to Fallcrest: Moonstone Keep

Amon uses his mental powers to lift the ballista down from the tower. The party then takes it along to use against anything that might be in the Keep. The door is smashed in by Breena’s rage drake. Inside you find another Abishai, green like the others, and a Kobold Dragonkin defender. They are quickly dispatched. The party hears voices speaking draconic in an ajoining room. Hallabiri fools them into thinking that their master is angry with them, so they hide.

But then a dragon that was slumbering on the lower level is awakened and it flies up to attack. It is a young green dragon. It goes after Breena and dashes her to the ground in the pit. The dragoon calls for aid from what sounds like Kobolds in the adjoining room. At first they are confused, then they are unable to find the keys to unlock the room.

The dragon deals out significant damage, especially to the rage drake. When it becomes bloodied, it flies up throught he roof and attacks the party from the doorway, damaging the ballista.

The combined efforts of Mercaiden and Amon finish off the dragon.

The Kobolds, realizing that they did not come tot he aid of their master kill themselves.

The party finds a small horde of treasure in the lower level.

After the battle, a familiar demon, Gnaw-Gnaw-Burn-Burn, appears and offers a message to teh party from Bezenthal, the demon that they had freed from teh jewel. He says:

“Greetings Dragonslayers. We meet again. My master Bezenthal has sent me to parley with you. He has not forgotten that you have freed him. If you seek him out he will aid you in your quests. He resides in the Elemental Chaos. As a token of good will he offers you this piece of information: ‘Nimozaran is not what he appears to be.’”

Gnaw-Gnaw-Burn-Burn disappears.

Lord Markelhay and his men arrive after Mercaiden sending a message that the dragon is defeated.

In gratitude, Markelhay gives ownership of the keep over to the party.

Return to Fallcrest Attack on Moonstone Keep Guard House

After a brief rest you move out from Inferno’s Tower and try to sneak up to the Moonstone Keep. Unfortunately, the guards in the tower spot you and begin firing a ballista at you as you approach. You take some serious hits, but manage to reach the keep fortress and break down the doors.

Once inside the keep you take down the archers controlling the ballista and then defeat the main company who rush out of the guard house to meet you.

Time is running out. You are not sure how much longer the diversion will keep the main forces off your back, nor are you sure how long it will be before the dragon notices you are comes out to get you.

Return to Fallcrest Assault on Inferno's Tower

When you open the trap door you find yourself assaulted by a green skinned, winged, demon- or devil-like creature with horns and a tail armed with a stinger.

With some effort you manage to get the whole party out of the passage. Other creatures of the same kinds, which at first appeared to be gargoyles leap down from the top of the tower to join the fray.

After defeating the five creatures, you determine that they are green Abishai—known to be servants of Tiamat.

You rest briefly, then prepare to assault the main keep.


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